How to Use a Bong

Bongs are often seen as one of the more complicated smoking devices, but once you know how to use one, you’ll be able to smoke much better with it than with the average pipe or joint. A bong is an essential piece of smoking equipment that anyone who uses marijuana or tobacco should have in their arsenal. They come in all shapes and sizes, made from various materials including glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, and even bamboo.

If you’re new to bongs and want to learn how to use them like a pro, keep reading. We’ll cover how you can use a bong in two ways-how you can use it as intended or how you can trick it out so that it hits even harder . This guide will also teach you how to use a bong the right way to get the most enjoyment from your experience and avoid making mistakes that might cause you to accidentally harm yourself or others around you.

Things you need

If you’re new to using a bong, there are a few things you’ll need before you get started. First, you’ll need some water and some cannabis buds. You can use tap water, but filtered or distilled water is best. Next, you’ll need a bowl for your cannabis. You can either use a glass bowl or a metal screen. Screen bowls are better for preventing clogs, but they’re more expensive. Finally, you’ll need something to light your cannabis with. A lighter or hemp wick works great.

1.     Filling your bong

Whenever you sit down to use a bong, be sure that it is brimming with clean water. The majority of bongs have a wide aperture at the top of the mouthpiece where you are supposed to pour the water in. You want to add enough water to your bong so that the bottom of the downstem is covered by it by around two to three centimeters.

Certain intricate bongs may have percolators attached to the chamber or to auxiliary components of the bong. These percolators can take the form of discs, spirals, spherical domes, and other shapes. Your smoke will benefit from additional filtration and conditioning if you use these percs.

2.     The filling of your bowl

You have to grind your buds first before you can start filling your bowl. Utilizing a herb grinder, start with a few buds and work your way up to a consistency that is somewhere in the middle. You may also use your fingers or a pair of little scissors if you do not have access to a grinder. However, the end product will not be as satisfactory.

It is possible that your bowl will require a screen; therefore, you should make certain that it comes with one. Doing so will prevent fragments of your grounded bud from dropping into the stalk. Putting bigger chunks of ground bud in the bottom of the bowl, just above the hole, may be a nice practice to get into if you are using a bowl that does not have a screen. This helps to prevent smaller parts, such as those mentioned above, from falling through.

Make room in the bowl for part of your ground cannabis by packing it lightly. The optimal approach to compressing is to load the bowl to within a few millimeters of its brim with material, leaving enough space at the top so you are able to securely draw in air. If you are required to exert a lot of effort to pull it apart, you have packed it in too tightly.

When you are ready to light, you should probably remove the bowl from the bong so that you can load it, and then replace it when you are ready to smoke. Some people like to put their buds in their bongs with the bowl previously connected. Whatever makes things simpler for you, do that.

3.     Prepare the bong.

Take a tight grip on the cylinder of your bong using the hand that is your dominant one. If you’d like a little bit of additional stability, you may put the bottom of the bong down on a level surface. While you have more expertise, you may place the bottom on your knee or in the space between your legs when you are seated. You may even try holding the bong without any support if you’re feeling very daring, although in that case you should use extreme caution. Cover the carb hole on your bong with one of your fingers if it has one. If you don’t do that, all you’ll be doing is drawing air through the bong rather than smoking.

4.     Smoke

Your mouth should be pressed up to the head of the bong, and you should exert some gentle pressure in order to create a seal. It works best when you slightly pucker your lips, as you would while kissing someone. Be certain that the seal does not get loose; otherwise, it will be more difficult to inhale the smoke.

Light matches or lighters with the hand that is not being used. While simultaneously taking a drag from your cigarette, tilt the lighter such that it is perpendicular to the rim of the bowl. This will cause the flame to go lower as you inhale, which will cause the plant to catch fire.

Tips and tricks to using a bong:

Because alcohol consumption lowers your lung capacity, you should abstain from drinking if you intend to take significant blows.

You may smoke cannabis with a natural hemp wick rather than using a lighter if you want to lessen the number of toxins to which you are exposed as a result of doing so. If you fire your bong with the hemp wick instead of butane, you won’t be breathing in any harmful chemicals like that.


There are many ways to enjoy smoking with a bong. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies, including water, an airtight seal, and something to catch the ashes. Then, follow the steps above and you will be enjoying your herb like a hobbit in no time.

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