How to untangle your wig?

Is your wig tangled and you don’t know what to do? Whether it is natural or synthetic hair, it is important to provide the necessary care to overcome this recurring problem.  You can always Google about curly edge wig, but before that follow all of our tips to have a beautiful and perfect wig.

Use the right products for maintenance

First of all, it is important to know how to properly maintain your wig. For this, you need the appropriate care. Indeed, you do not wash your wig with shampoos that you use on yourself, this risks deeply damaging the fiber of your hair prosthesis. A damaged fiber is a fiber that becomes tangled much more easily.

Now the maintenance of your hair prosthesis has no secrets for you. As a reminder, you only wash your skunk stripe wig every 10 to 15 days to be able to keep it as long as possible.

For extra hydration, you can put argan oil. A drop on the ends is enough to bring shine and suppleness to the hair.

And why not complete your treatment for natural hair with a hydrating mask from Gisela Mayer?

Choose the right brush

To brush your wig, you need the correct brush. The wooden brush that specially designed for natural hair. It has wide bristles that prevent damage to your hair when brushing. For synthetic hair, we prefer a spiked brush. Its fine pimples allow styling in all delicacy and which respect the hair.

In addition, if your wig is tangled, you should definitely not try to brush dry hair. This will deeply damage your wig and it will become more difficult to style.

Store your wig properly

To prevent the wig from getting damaged more quickly, it is strongly recommended to put it on a wig holder when you are not wearing it. This keeps a good shape and facilitates its maintenance. You can opt for a polystyrene or plastic head; it is the most economical means. But there are wig holders that keep a shape similar to your skull.

Arm yourself with patience for disentangling

Despite all your good will, your hair prosthesis has become very tangled and you cannot brush it. Do not panic! There are many super effective detangling wig treatments that add shine and softness to hair.

If after this shock treatment your wig remains tangled, let it soak in a basin of lukewarm water. This relaxes the fiber; do not hesitate to add conditioner or a moisturizing mask, adapted to the fiber of your wig, in the water to facilitate disentangling. Take it out of the water and wring it out gently by patting it on a towel.

For brushing, do not hesitate to place it on your wig holder. Once properly installed, start by brushing the roots using a brush adapted to the type of hair of your hair prosthesis. Go forward slowly and without pulling too much. You have to be patient but it’s worth it!

And there you go; your wig is untangled and more beautiful than ever!

Choose the right comfort for my wig

The comfort of your wig is an important factor to consider when making your purchasing decision. Indeed, if you plan to use your hair prosthesis daily, it is better to invest in greater comfort than if you plan to wear it occasionally.

Of course, the more comfortable a wig, the higher the price. So how do you choose the level of comfort that suits your needs?

BlackTransparent part (cinema film or invisible film) located on the front of the wig between the top of the forehead and the end of the wig. Different lengths exist. 

Rose: Party microphone skin on the front of the wig of some models: either only on the top of the head (roundabout), either at the line (left or right) or across the front of the wig. This micro skin gives a more natural look to your hair. When we lift the hair at this point, we see the skull in transparency.

White: At the back of the head, the cap has white bands which indicate that it is machine-sewn cotton bands (braid bands).

Light gray: At the back of the head, the cap is large light tulle where the hair is tied one by one by hand. They are the most comfortable and lightest models.

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