How to turn your passion for writing into a career

Writers are the artists of words who have the ability to dream and to inspire others with those dreams. Writers have a voice that has so much to say. Writers can do what so many people struggle with, which is to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas on paper thereby immortalizing them.

So many of us have the love and even the gift of writing, but we are often discouraged from doing anything about it because of the “poor struggling artist” stigma attached to it. Most writers just write as a hobby and don’t pursue it as a legitimate career because they are afraid it doesn’t pay enough for a decent living. Only the writers that can become a part of big publications such as the New York Times are able to pursue writing full-time, whereas most others have to juggle writing work with other jobs as well.

While it is true that writers have to struggle more to earn a good income in comparison to a lawyer or an engineer, there are many avenues available for writing careers that actually pay well and don’t require the person to have a separate job. If you are a writer who wants to convert this hobby into a full-time career for yourself, you just need to be nudged in the right direction. Here are some options you can think of pursuing as a writer:

Potential career paths for writers

In this blog, you will find career options that not only are all about writing, but also pay good money as well, making them sound employment opportunities, because let’s face it, no matter how passionate you are about writing, if it’s not paying your bills then you can’t do it full-time.

1. Career in editing

Can there be writers if it were not for editors? Though it doesn’t sound very glamorous as a job, the fact of the matter is that editors actually make great writers into who they are. This is why editors are known to pull in average salaries of $53k per year!

Usually, when a writer is writing a piece, it has some sentence structures that can be improved, and there are grammatical and spelling errors as well. What an editor does is ensure that the content being written is of high quality and has the potential to attract the intended readers.

Editors can earn different amounts depending greatly on the type of content they edit. Editing work is needed in book publishing, media companies, magazines, newspapers, websites and more. Although an editor can have any educational background, the most popular fields are English and Journalism. The one skill and experience that editors must have though is writing. After all, only an experienced writer can help improve the content written by another.

2. Content marketing manager

This is a very good option for people who want to write but also want more from the job. Content marketing managers do have to write as per the job requirement, but they also have a managerial role that requires they have a strategy and an action plan in implementing the marketing. It is one thing to write content and completely another to use it to spread a message. If you are a writer looking to hone your leadership abilities, this could be a very good option for you.

Some managers are known to use a very generic approach in this job, but there are some who choose to publish content in specific formats, such as blogs, social media, websites or e-books. Blogs are a very good way to write about relevant topics, as they carve out a good niche of people who like to read but prefer not to read huge pieces of content. In a way, blogs are very fitting in today’s era considering how short everyone’s attention spans are!

As far as the qualification for this job is concerned, coming from a marketing background definitely helps, but anyone who has a knack for writing and has creativity can be a good fit for this role. Content marketing managers make good money as well, as the role encompasses a bigger responsibility. On average the earnings are around $75k per year!

3. Technical writing

Technical writing is also a lucrative field for writers. Although it is a bit dry and requires a lot of sound research work as the content isn’t very creative, it still can be a good fit for many writers. If you have a technical background, such as IT, engineering, or computer science, and you enjoy writing, this will be right up your alley as a job.

It is an advantage to have a background related to technology, so that the writer knows how to explain the topic. The job of the technical writer is to use easy, layman terminology to explain complex topics to people who don’t have a background in tech. Their work is most commonly used in drafting manuals, journal articles and tutorials.

Technical writers can also come from non-technical backgrounds as long as they have general knowledge about technical subjects and possess the ability to conduct good research, but it is a job best suited to a person who likes both.

4. Communications manager

Although this job is multi-faceted and it requires one to maintain a smooth exchange of communication both internally as well as externally for an organization, a big part of the job is writing. This is due to all the guidelines that must be followed, the strategy used to communicate with stakeholders, and interactions between clients and company personnel needing to be in written format.

The communications manager is responsible for the exchange of information between different parties, so this work requires excellent writing skills with editing skills as well. To qualify for this job, you would need to have a degree in either communications or business studies with your major preferably being marketing. If you continue on this trajectory, as a senior communications manager you are looking to make over $100k per year. Pretty amazing, right?

5. Copywriter

Copywriters are the people that persuade you to click on the “add to cart” button. Their work revolves around drafting action-oriented content that is aimed at getting people to make a purchase or to register, depending on the goal the company wants to achieve.

Whenever you visit a website for information and the content tells you to commit an action by clicking somewhere, that is the copywriter. Copywriters are very important assets for online sales as the way that they use their words prompts people to be intrigued. They generate a lot of leads for the company.

There isn’t any particular qualification one would need to be a copywriter. As long as you can write well and know how to invite people to the company’s offerings, your work will always be in demand.

6. Research analyst

As the name suggests, these writers are responsible for finding, organizing, as well as analyzing information on various topics of discussion. Their work is very important for making and implementing decisions in an organization, which is why a research analyst may belong to any of the four major business functions.

As the findings, analysis and conclusions must be presented to a lot of stakeholders, research is best submitted in a written format, which makes it an excellent job for people who love to write. Typically, a research analyst is expected to have a Bachelor’s degree though the field may vary. There is a lot of room to grow as a researcher in organizations, which is why experienced ones can earn as much as $70k per year.

7. Curriculum development

Teachers, professors, trainers and mentors play a very important role in society, do they not? The methodology they use and more importantly how they break down the teaching course into organized modules is very important to make sure that they deliver what is expected of them and what is acceptable at the needed level.

This is the job of a curriculum developer, to provide these teachers, professors, trainers and mentors with ample material backed by solid research so that they can impart education and knowledge. They develop everything from training materials to educational materials and course materials depending on their own qualifications and then hand over this content to those who use it to teach.

As long as you have a bachelor’s degree and you have very good researching and writing skills, you can become a curriculum developer. However, it is vital to have sufficient knowledge about the subject area in which you aim to contribute. These jobs allow you earn about $70k per year.

8. PR manager

Once again, this is a multi-faceted role that requires people to promote positive images for a brand, product, service or even a person. Public Relations (PR) managers achieve this by developing the desired brand awareness for the entity being promoted. A lot of creative strategies are needed to achieve this goal, including carefully worded press-releases, developing and launching marketing campaigns and avoiding bad publicity.

As a PR manager, you will be required to write quite frequently, and you will need be very careful with your words, because at the end of the day it will be your responsibility to get the desired points across. You can work with independent businesses, for a particular business or even for non-profits. Some PR managers also work for celebrities in order to maintain their persona and brand among their fans.

This field typically looks for writers who have a background in marketing, public relations or communications. If you develop good experience and a decent portfolio, you can earn up to $85k per year in this field.

9. Medical writers

Similar to technical writers, medical writers are people who are able to explain complex medical information using simple language for the layman. As it requires very extensive knowledge and an understanding of medical concepts, this form of writing is best suited for healthcare professionals to get into. However medical writers can also work with tech companies that manufacture products to aid healthcare facilities.

Medical writers are also an asset to businesses such as pharmaceutical companies and supplement companies. Even if you don’t have experience in the medical or healthcare field, as long as you have some knowledge and impeccable research skills, you can contribute your services as a medical writer.

This job is ideal for scientists that are a part of the medical field who have a talent for writing. If you do want to pursue this field, you can make about $95k per year.

10. Journalism

The field of journalism is always growing in importance, as journalists are our source of authentic information regarding various subjects. You have so much wiggle room to figure out what it is you want to represent as a journalist. Whether you want to give daily reports on a news channel, or you want to cover entertainment and social issues, the world is your oyster.

A background in social sciences or journalism itself really helps in making journalism a possible career choice. However, as long as you have good research skills and can write well, you can pursue this career path. You will be required to write a lot, proofread it and to make sure to back up your content with credible sources. Often, journalism also takes you to different destinations to conduct primary research in the field. If you have an adventurous soul and you want to be a voice for a community or a cause, this is your calling.

This career also offers other perks, such as the chance to tell the stories that you want to tell. What can be better than that for a writer? In fact, if you are interested in getting into journalism, you should consider taking an online journalism master’s from St. Bonaventure. They are very dedicated in offering a well-rounded curriculum to those looking to become journalists.

11. Author

Though a bit risky because of the time it takes to become one, if you are able to become a published author, there is a great deal you can do. Not only can you make amazing money and continue writing and living your dream, you might also have your work adapted for TV, allowing you to write screenplays as well.

If you love storytelling and have a creative imagination, all you need to do is to pick a genre to get into and write. It is advisable that you keep your day job until your work is published. Alternatively, if you have plenty of savings, then dedicate your time to your book.

Every writer dreams of being a published author and many even make it. Who knows? You could be the next J.K. Rowling.

Final thoughts

They say that you should do what you are passionate about, and it will never feel like work. If you have a writer’s soul and it is something you want to do for the foreseeable future, don’t let the stigmas change your mind.

While it is a bit tricky to find a job that allows you to express the writer’s side of your personality and pays well to support your living standards, it is possible. These options offer something for every type of writer, including the dreamers, the scientists, and the reporters. Writing no longer needs to be limited to a hobby, it can be converted into your full-time job.

In this blog, a number of writing jobs have been identified, all of which are unique from one other and offer growth and experience. They all pay very well because money is an important factor to consider when choosing a career path. Most people are not able to follow their writing dreams because they are afraid it won’t be sustainable, change the trend and pursue writing as your career.

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