How to take into account the influence of weather conditions in football betting?

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Disgusting game of the favorite of the meeting, mainly outside;

Low level of performance.

It is important to look for such situations in the first minutes of the fights. If up to 20-25 minutes the referee is loyal to controversial situations, then you should not expect high performance in mustard plasters. If the judge from the first minutes shows that he will punish severely for each episode, then it is advisable to pay attention to the following betting options:

A great option is to make 3, maximum 4 long bets on the winner. The bettor is more likely to guess the winner of the tournament, given the odds. Today, the main contenders for the title are Liverpool, Manchester City, Bayern Munich, and PSG. Of course, the remaining teams have a chance of success, but given the alignment of forces, the chances of success are minimal.

Head coaches in interviews constantly remark that freezing has a negative effect on the subsequent injuries of footballers. In freezing weather, a ผลบอลสด football player can easily get injured due to the sudden movement of frozen muscles. As a result – a weak fight in the center of the field and only one number of strikes per game.

In addition, the emotionality of the players on the bench should be considered. It is usually important to select appropriate matches when match intensity is high. For example, in Brazil or Turkey in the conditional, expect high performance on bookings, rather than on goals scored.

A bet on “total minus”. TM2.5 or 2.0 is an option for a future bet.

“Total under” in the first half. Initially, it’s worth flirting with less than two goals in the first 45 minutes. As you know, the first goals often appear in the second half of the game.

No goal was scored in the first half. In the first 15-30 minutes of the match, teams often do not score goals, which gives a chance to place a bet.

Influence of hot weather

In addition, the factor of the national championship must be taken into account. Most teams will likely decide their own fate in the spring, which will facilitate further Champions League performances. However, if a team is playing on two fronts, without a long bench of substitutes, it is worth considering this question. 

The head coach can just donate to the Champions League in order to enter the European cups for next season. However, if the club is fighting for gold medals, then don’t worry too much because it will be more profitable for the head coach to compete for the Champions League victory than to settle for gold medals. In the national championship.

Sunbeams Against Guardians. Often, at the end of the football season, you have to see games where the goalkeeper simply does not see anything, because of the falling rays of the sun. In this case, defensive players try to get the ball out of bounds in any way possible. 

As a result – a chance to bet on “total plus” corners and a goal in each half. In the first case, it is worth considering the strength of the team. In a match between favorite and underdog, the underdog is unlikely to get even three corners. Goal moments, taking into account the influence of the sun’s rays will occur during the confrontation between the teams. 

In one of these episodes, the “blind” goalkeeper will leave the “stupid” goal in his own net.

The goal in the first half after the break, the game stopped. There are frequent cases when a break occurs in the middle of the first half, due to an injury of a football player. In two, or three minutes, the players manage to recover their own strength, drink water and attack the opposing goal more quickly. Result – goals scored at the break of the match. Therefore, to “catch” such a goal, it is important to watch the live broadcast of the match, in order to bet on a goal in the middle of the half.


As you can see, weather conditions play a huge role in the stats and effectiveness of each subsequent fight. It is also important to search for “dark horses” with a chance of success. For example, in the current draw, Atletico Madrid looks like a “dark horse”, capable of giving battle to each of the listed teams.