How To Take Care Of Your Air Conditioner When Doing Home Renovations

Protecting your air conditioner during your home renovations is essential. Renovating your home is no cheap fete; the last thing you want is to add a damaged air conditioner to your budget.

Your HVAC can get clogged with dust, damaged, or broken during renovations; however, if you take the necessary steps to protect it, you can avoid the extra costs needed to get another one. With that said, here are a few steps you can take to ensure you avoid the stress of additional expenses.

Talk to an air conditioner repair company.

Contact a technician if you need AC Repair in New Orelans. This is the first step to ensuring the safety of your ac unit during the construction project. Your technician will advise you accordingly to ensure the ac does not get damaged or clogged with dust particles or debris from the construction.

You can ask the emergency hvac repair Las Vegas technician questions like changing the air ducts or filters during and after the renovation. Or if you need to upgrade the HVAC unit to fit the newly remodeled house.

By contacting an ac repair company, you will be prepared for any additional costs to your home renovations. The company will also be aware of work completed for your next ac tune-ups and maintenance checks, so you will be mindful of what to look out for in case of anything.

Close your vents

Remodeling a house can be a messy process. Expect dust and debris to collect in the house as the construction process is ongoing. That is why it is essential to close your vents to stop dust from getting into your ac unit and clogging it, which can be expensive to repair.

To protect your air conditioner unit, ensure that you close all the vents around the construction area. By doing this, you keep your filters clean and reduce the amount of dust that can get sucked and trapped into your system. However, remember that when you turn the ac on and have closed the vents, it will restrict air flow, so they need to be reopened.

Alternatively, you can also buy magnetic vent covers, which you can use to cover the area entirely.

Try to do all the messy work outside.

Stuff like cutting wood and tiles or sanding can kick up a lot of dust, harming the system and making the work environment challenging for the workers working inside.

The best way to try and keep the dust and debris at a minimum is to try and do the messy work outside if the weather permits it. Doing this outside will significantly reduce the amount of dust caught up in your ac unit.

Purify the airflow inside

During house renovations, your home’s indoor air quality can be compromised. As the construction project is ongoing, dust particles float around the air space, and they can be harmful if inhaled in large quantities.

Installing an air purifier can help eliminate these dangerous and unwanted dust particles and debris floating around your air space. Not only will the air purifier help keep you safe, but it will also help keep the dust out of your ac unit.

Clean as often as possible

As the construction project is ongoing, you will realize that you will need to clean your home a lot more and as often as possible. You may think you don’t need to clean the house before they finish working because it will get dusty the next day. However, regular cleaning helps prevent dust build-up in your home and your air filters.

Cleaning away the dust that builds up and vacuuming as often as possible will reduce the amount of dust that gets trapped in your air filters. It will also help reduce the number of clogs that get into your HVAC system.

You may also find it helpful to use a tarp or plastic sheeting to section off the workstation from the rest of your home. It will significantly reduce the dust from moving to the rest of the house.

Check your air filters.

It is essential to clean your home often during renovations to ensure that dust doesn’t clog your air filters. However, as much as you make sure there is no dust build-up in the house, remember to keep checking your air filters. Clogged air filters reduce air intake and output, and if they are blocked, they will put more strain on your ac unit. When your system is working under pressure, it overworks and may eventually break down.

You should be already checking your filters often, even on days when you don’t have construction going on in your home. But now that there is construction and the likelihood of dust getting into the system is high, you should check them every other day. Don’t forget to change the filters if you find they are dirty or clogged.

Turn the ac off

When the actual construction work is ongoing, you can turn off the heating and cooling system. This is essential, especially because some vents are covered. When your ac unit is running and the vents are covered, it will overwork the system.

By turning the air conditioner off, it will prevent dust particles and debris from getting into your HVAC equipment.

Use advanced power tools.

If you are doing renovations yourself and need new tools, you may consider buying advanced power tools. They are powerful tools that reduce the amount of debris and dust they produce when cutting wood or tiles. The tools extract dust from your air space, reducing the dust particles that may get into your ac system.

If you are using a construction company to do your renovations, you may also inquire if they are using such tools which will not only keep your lungs safe but also help your ac unit from getting clogged or damaged.

Using the above tips during your home renovation process will save your ac unit and avoid additional expenses.

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