How to replace the default YouTube player style with a custom skin?

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The modern YouTube platform is an opportunity to always be in the center of events, watch informative videos and spend your time usefully. On the site you can find videos on almost any topic: from recipes to useful life hacks, historical facts, news and much more. Visiting this platform every day, many users note its monotony, since you can only change the color of the interface from white to black. However, now a great solution to this issue has already appeared: Skins for YouTube, which you can get absolutely free.
How to diversify your YouTube account?
Each user who uses certain programs is always happy to make their interface more individual and different from others. For this, all kinds of skins and themes are very often used. The YouTube platform today is no exception and earlier it was possible to change only the background color, but today everyone who wants to be stylishly different can install skins for this site.
So, the new extension for Chrome will allow users to apply new themes for the YouTube platform and there are simply no analogues of this utility today. You can complement your favorite video hosting with your favorite characters from video games, series, cartoons, as well as skins based on your favorite programs, special effects or social networks. For developers, creating each individual skin is a very laborious process, but the extension is completely free and anyone can use it.
Application benefits.
The YouTube skin extension has a number of features that you can evaluate during use:
• The range of themes for video hosting is updated daily, so if you couldn’t find the perfect skin for yourself, don’t worry, your favorite characters may be available tomorrow.
• The extension works with the CSS of the YouTube resource, so it will not affect the speed of the site or the efficiency of your computer.
• Everyone will be able to understand the installation and operation of the application, since to use it you need to choose your favorite theme and install it with one click.
On the site of the extension, you can study the installation instructions.
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