How to Recruit Quality Staff for Your Bar or Restaurant?

After bars and restaurants were forced to close their doors for the best part of two years due to the pandemic, the hospitality industry is slowly but surely making a comeback – with businesses doing everything possible to make up for lost time over lockdown.

After many people had to leave the hospitality industry to find new lines of work in this time, recruitment across this sector has never been more important than it is now. Hiring excellent staff members is pivotal to the success of your business, with waiters often acting as the pillars of your establishment. So how do you surround yourself with the best?

Follow our top tips on how to recruit the most talented staff members around who immediately add value to your business from day one.

What kind of jobs are needed in a pub?

This is completely dependent upon the size of your establishment and how busy it’s expected to be. It’s a good idea to have one manager per shift who helps control the evening and can act as the person in charge. Decide how many waiters you realistically need. You can also have a front of house worker to greet guests, check reservations and seat people at their tables.

Sometimes kitchens have their own managers – someone who interviews and schedules cooks, pot washers and sous chefs, which can take some of the hiring workload off your shoulders. Depending on the size of your bar area, you made need several bartenders too. If you’d like to offer intricate cocktails on your menu, think about hiring a professional mixologist to wow your customers.

What skills should you look for in candidates?

One of the most important traits when it comes to hospitality is attitude. If someone has a positive attitude they can get through any shift with a smile, no matter how busy it may be!

Good interpersonal skills are a must for waiters because they are dealing with customers and must be comfortable with making conversational small talk, whilst always remaining polite.

As with any customer-facing role, patience must be relied on from time to time: if complaints are made, it’s important to be able to listen and make the customer feel heard and well attended.

For chefs and advanced bar staff, it’s a good idea to ask for proof of training/qualifications to prove their background in the hospitality industry.

What can you offer your new staff?

Remember: to secure the best possible team members, they also have to want to work for you and your establishment. Think about what you can offer them to make your bar or restaurant stand out against nearby competitors.

A competitive salary, good working environment, fair tipping schemes and work socials will all entice the most talented people to join your team.

It can also put staff members’ minds at rest to know that you have all the relevant pub insurance in place. This means they know that if any accidents happen in the workplace or unforeseen circumstances occur, everyone can rest easy in the knowledge that you are properly covered.

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