How To Reach & Engage New Supporters

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The most successful nonprofit organizations strategize about how to reach new supporters and drive up engagement. Many associations are active on social media channels to connect with prospective supporters and stay in touch with constituents. Constituent relationship management software makes it easier to utilize contact data across platforms and track engagement data. Depending on the CRM in use, you may want to refer to a Blackbaud import guide or integration resources for other nonprofit data software. Here are a few basic tactics to reach and engage with new supporters and convert constituents into donors.

Improve Data Health

The quality of constituent data is directly related to the ability to establish and maintain reach and allow for engagement. For example, an email fundraising campaign can only be as effective as the accuracy of the available addresses and contact information for current supporters. Prioritizing data quality from the moment that new prospective donors connect with an organization is essential for good data.

An organization can take several measures to maintain data health. Obtaining donor information through an online form or other digital input can be more reliable than documents that require digitization. Transcription errors that occur during manual data entry can reduce reach and engagement. Salesforce or Raiser’s Edge NXT integrations work to preserve the quality of data exported from CRM databases.

Best Integration Tool For Blackbaud

The best integration software for Raiser’s Edge NXT and Financial Edge is Omatic. This cloud-based data integration software is designed with the needs of nonprofit organizations in mind. Whether your organization relies on RE or the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, you can count on Omatic Cloud to maintain data health across platforms.

Integration is particularly important for organizations that license Blackbaud software. RE provides a full suite of functionality for nonprofits to maintain records, fundraise and engage. Blackbaud systems are not as open-ended as Salesforce NPSP, but an integration tool like Omatic makes it possible to extend the core functionality and drive up reach and engagement by integrating your CRM with third-party software.

Participate on Social Channels

While email marketing is vital for targeted nonprofit outreach, organizations should also maintain a presence on social media channels to attract new supporters. These networks connect supporters with organizations and can provide some of the basic information necessary to cultivate supporters and donors. Mailing list and volunteer sign-ups are also sources of important data.

Interactivity is a core feature of social media channels, and the best forms of engagement tend to come in the form of conversations. An organization can increase engagement by responding to questions or comments in ways that invite supporters to learn more and show support for a cause or mission.

Nonprofit staff and stakeholders should maintain a presence on the social media channels used by the majority of constituents and potential supporters. Increasing online visibility is essential to further reach and engagement, as are methods of gaining or updating contact information and preferences through mailing list sign-ups or donation data. Encouraging engagement on the right channels can lead to greater reach and more donations.