How to Prevent Your Skin from Aging

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Aging might result from environmental and biological causes, and it is possible to control other signs of aging while it might not be possible to control. You can control the natural aging process, which causes visible lines and wrinkles on the face. Your face will lose its youthfulness leading to thinness and dryness. The genes can also control these changes, but lifestyle choices play a huge role in causing the skin to age prematurely, and you can take preventive action to slow the effects of aging. You can talk with Dr. Laura Riehm, who understands how to control the aging process. Here are ways to mitigate premature skin aging.

Protect the Skin from Sun Aging

If you run errands or spend a day on the beach, you can use sun protection to prevent sun damage. You can use sunscreen with more than SPF 30 as it protects the skin effectively against UV rays. However, you should ensure the SPF is water-resistant to get the best skincare, especially swimming. Korean skin care products from The Face Shop are designed with harmful UV rays in mind in an effort to reduce the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure on the skin. You might get adequate protection from clothes equipped with an ultraviolet protection factor. Again, the clothes should cover large skin surface areas; it could be better to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, sunglasses, UV protection, and hats.

Apply a Self-Tanner

When you tan your skin in the sun, you prematurely age your skin. Tanning in the sun, tanning bed, or other equipment might affect your skin as it emits harmful UV rays, accelerating the aging process. Instead, you can achieve that golden tan by using a self-tanning product. Self-tanners have different undertones depending on the brand you select. Be sure to understand the undertones of your skin and make the best selection based on that. 

Choose a Healthy Lifestyle

Excessive smoking and drinking damage the skin as these lifestyle choices cause dullness, wrinkles, and sallow the complexion. Again, you can maintain a well-balanced diet, including vegetables and fresh fruits that promote better skin health. Most healthy food contains antioxidants that fight skin oxidation and cause skin issues such as cancer. Moreover, a diet that contains lots of carbohydrates and sugar accelerates the aging process.

Avoid Repetitive Facial Expressions

Repetitive facial expressions lead to fine lines as you contract the underlying skin muscles. When you practice repetitive expressions frequently, you risk developing fine lines. Wrinkles develop due to years of squinting and smiling, and you can wear sunglasses to prevent the formation of fine lines on the eyes.

Exercise Frequently

Frequent exercise improves blood circulation, leading to adequate nutrients, optimum oxygen supply to tissue, as well as the removal of toxins from the cells. Proper circulation restores a youthful appearance. Daily exercise also reduces the chances of varicose veins and sagging skin.  

Practice an Effective Skin Care Routine

Some harsh cleansers might strip oil from the skin, leaving it dry, leading to dryness. Wash the skin gently to remove the pollutants without rubbing it too much, as scrubbing accelerates aging. You may need to apply toner on your skin to ensure it is in the best health, then apply a moisturizer to keep it supple. Finally, talk with a dermatologist who can determine the type of skin and the best skincare routine for your skin.

Final Thoughts

Although skin aging might happen due to environmental and biological factors, you can practice a skincare routine that prevents aging. You can opt for a better skincare routine that involves applying a mild cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. You could also adopt a better diet that includes antioxidants and avoid drinking and smoking too much. Good luck learning how to keep your skin youthful.