How To Play With Dinosaur Egg Toy

Are you looking into buying a dinosaur egg toy for your little one? Maybe you are buying this toy for your niece or nephew, but you do not know how to play with it? You need to know how to properly unbox and play with this toy so you are prepared to guide them in case they need your hand. Here are the steps on how to play with a dinosaur egg and this time, we will feature Zuru’s Smashers epic dino egg.

1. Smash the dino egg!

Amazed with the huge orange dino egg? It is surely a one big dinosaur egg toy. The first thing you need to do to open the egg is to smash it! Yes, smash it with your hand or throw it into the wall with force–making sure no one is in the way, so no one could get hurt. 

This is how you open the dino egg, so you can easily get into the 25 surprises awaiting. 

After smashing the epic egg, you will find a shovel or a digging tool, a surprise smash-o-saur which you are to build. Also, inside you will find a Smashers scratch map, one blue dino egg and another 6 small orange eggs with surprise characters inside.  Lay all of those amazing stuff you find on the table and prepare for the adventure.

2. Read the clues and the instructions on the Smashers map

On the Smashers scratch map, you will see 5 clues that you can read and you need to scratch each circle to see the images in it and on each of the 5 stages, it will uncover what you need to do so you can move on to the next. 

You have to search for the body parts of the smash-o-saur so you can build it later. You may have to deal with dirt, slime, rock, and even lava! You will need to dig, chisel, submerge fizz, and remove some slime to complete the dinosaur egg toy body parts and finish building your smash-o-saur.  

3. Build the Smash-o-saur 

So, you have got the head, the hands, the spine, the arms, and the feet. Rinse off dirt, fizz, and sand once you find the hidden dino body parts. Once you complete the body parts of the dinosaur egg toy, then you can start assembling and building your Smash-o-saur. 

Discover your surprise if it is the Twisted T-rex or it might be the fossil rack triceratops or the crazy bone brachiosaurus. Go ahead and check out the other contents of this surprise egg because there is more.

4. Smash the other dino eggs!

But wait, there’s more! That is right! In this huge epic egg, it contains 6 more little orange eggs and a blue egg which you can smash. Smash them all on the floor, on the wall, on the table, or wherever you want, just make sure it won’t hurt anybody. The tiny little dinosaur egg toys contain another series of surprise dinosaur characters.

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