How To Play Satta Matka And Win Money

Gambling in India has always been on a rollercoaster ride in terms of the law. Gambling and betting are the grey areas of Indian penal laws as there is no clear legislation. Most of the sections in the Public Gamblings Act are dubious and open to interpretation. However, “gambling” is completely prohibited in the Indian mainland. Only Goa has the permission to operate casinos outside of the city limits.

But, the Act was written in the 19th century, way before the existence of the Internet, and therefore it does not talk about virtual gambling. States have also been silent on the subject because some of the websites generate considerable revenues. Therefore, if you are a gambling enthusiast keen to test your luck, you can find several credible online platforms that offer huge prize pools and daily games.

Online gambling is legal in India, and it does not attract any penalties. Satta Matka is one such lottery game popular in India since the 1950s, and now it is popular online. There are multiple options for entry fees, and you can choose one according to your budget. If you are new to the lottery game, this article will guide you through the Matka games and play it.

History of Matka lottery

Matka games can be dated as early as the 1950s, when people looked for an alternative to cotton prices betting. When people wanted to make some easy money in the early independence days, they decided to bet on the constantly changing cotton prices. They would place bets on the opening and closing rates of cotton. However, soon the cotton prices became very volatile when new market players joined, and winning became difficult.

This was when gambling moguls came up with the idea of Satta Matka, which became an instant hit. In the earliest days of Satta Matka, tickets with unique nine-digit numbers were issued. Then, single digits from 0-9 were placed in a pot or “matka”; a random person was invited to pick out the chits one by one. If somebody’s serial number matched the draw sequence, he would take home the entire pool prize.

As the betting volume increased, the pool got bigger and bigger, and the Matka lottery became very attractive to the commoner. The winner’s fortune would change overnight, which further added to Matka’s popularity. The popularity was at its peak during the 1980s when several Satta bazaars run by powerful syndicates came up, and multiple lottery games would be organized throughout India.

Ratan Khatri, also referred to as the first “Matka King,” came into the scene and established the largest betting network India had seen. Khatri’s business was worth hundreds of crores at one point, and this was when lottery games came under the Government scanner.

Due to the strict crackdown in the late 80s and early 90s, Satta Matka disappeared from the market. With the increasing reach of the Internet and consumer awareness, the Matka lottery is back in the game in all the new and improved Avatar and attracting millions of participants every day.

Types of Matka lottery available

There are several lottery game options available online, and you must be aware of them to make an informed decision. The clutter on betting websites can be confusing, and you might end up putting your money on the wrong game. There are two most popular types of Satta Matka lottery, one is New Worli Satta Matka and the other is Kalyan Matka. New Worli is relatively new to the market, and it opens on weekdays only, i.e., Monday to Friday. Kalyan Matka is quite popular among the masses, and it is open throughout the week.

What are the new rules of the game?

The original game rules have been changed to adapt to the increasing demands. This adjustment aims to control the winning odds to allow the winner to take home a considerable sum. The game offers you to pick three digits from 0-9. All three digits are added, and the last digit from the sum is taken as the fourth digit of your draw.

You are again called to draw three digits, and a similar process is followed, and you have a sequence of eight digits in the end. Suppose your first three digits were 1,2,3; the sum of these digits would be 6. So, your first order will look like 1,2,3,*6. Now, your second choice of digits is 3,4,5; the sum of these three digits would be 12; we take two from this number and add it to the sequence, which now looks like 3,4,5*2.

Your final sequence that will be displayed will be 1 2 3 6 X 3 4 5 2. You can now bet on the multiple payouts ranging from 9 to 1 to 9999 to 1, depending upon the gamble you decide to play. The choice of several payouts adds to the attraction of the game.

Lastly, you can get along with Lottoland Asia to play the best Satta Matka online. Besides, you can refer to this platform for obtaining a ton of information about the gameplay to maximize your chances of winning.

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