How to Pay NICOP Fee?

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The payment option for the processing of your documents is one of the fundamental requirements, regardless of whether you are a new application or want to modify or edit data. Another thing to keep in mind is that the government of Pakistan has divided the world’s nations into two zones. For the two zones, there can be differences in the NICOP application Fee Structure. Your documents are verified by a NADRA Card Center agent, who also provides you with the payment information. The initial application cost must then be paid. In addition, there aren’t any further bills or payments due in the future. The agent provides the documents to you for fingerprint verification after the payment has been cleared and the application form is finished. You may pay the charges by using the suggested methods;

Payment Methods:

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) introduces the option for its services at NRCs to be paid for digitally. People can now use digital payment methods to pay the processing charges for NICOP or other identity documents;

  • Debit/Credit Card: If you get in touch with us, one of our service providers will be happy to accept your card payment.
  • Note: There is no option for cash on delivery.

Processing Time:

Two key factors determine the processing time.

  • Application type
  • Service type

Whether you simply want to apply for NADRA Card Renewal UK or you want to apply for a new NICOP, each document has its own specific formalities that must be addressed. Additionally, we offer three other categories of services, including

  • Urgent
  • Executive
  • Normal

They all are based on which the fee for paperwork will also vary.

We Like To Save Your Time and Money:

You may save your valuable time, health, and money by applying for a NADRA card online. You don’t need to come into the office because, as we’ve already indicated, you can submit your application online. There is no need to travel, quit your job, or do any other significant work. Additionally, as we provide the same service for a fair price, you don’t need to pay any agent more for urgent services. Additionally, using our online option prevents you from rushing into NADRA’s busy offices. The end result is that you can submit your application without compromising your health. We can assist you online in any way. Additionally, you’ll receive SMS updates on the status of your application. Even the documentation can be sent to your house.