A glass table is one of the complicated pieces of furniture to move. Not only is it heavy, but it is also fragile, and any slight mistake when moving it can leave it shattering into pieces. Therefore you need to be more cautious and meticulous when wrapping, packing, and loading it to the moving truck to ensure it does not shatter, break or sustain unsightly scratches.

Many homeowners make the mistake of wrapping a glass table directly in bubble wrap, which can leave it with unsightly marks. However, a few minutes of preparation can help you pack your glass table in the safest way possible.

First and foremost, ensure you have everything ready, including:

  • Bubble wrap.
  • A moving blanket.
  • Cardboard sheets.
  • Packing tape.

Disassemble the table

If possible, it is wise to disassemble your glass table to make it easier to move. Remove the legs from the glass top so that you pack the glass frames entirely apart. That makes the table easier to load in the moving track and prevents the damage caused by brushing up against door frames and walls.

Observe the following when disassembling your glass table:

  • Lay down your moving blanket or any other protective sheet on the floor to protect the table from scratches. Then overturn the table so that the glass top is on the moving blanket.
  • Check the screws connecting the glass top and the table legs and unscrew them.
  • Ensure you store the screw together in a bag to avoid losing them.
  • After separating the table legs, wrap them securely with a moving blanket.

Pack the glass top

Glass top tables come in different styles and shapes and properly packing one during a move ensures it doesn’t suffer scratches or worse cracks. Here is how to pack the glass top:

  • Wrap it all around with packing paper and secure it with tape. Also, you need to ensure that the packing tape doesn’t contact the glass top but only covers the packing paper. Ensure that the tape is tight so that the table doesn’t shift around it.
  • After that, cover the glass top further with bubble wrap and secure it with tape. The packing paper you used on the glass top as the first layer is used as protection against the air pockets in the bubble wrap to avoid leaving unsightly marks on your glass top.
  • Then ask your moving company to supply you with a telescopic box, a specialty box for transporting heavy and fragile items such as glass and mirrors. Alternatively, you can pack the glass top in cardboard long enough to cover it.

Secure it in the moving truck

You should let your movers move the packed glass table to the moving truck because they know how to load it safely. But if you feel comfortable carrying it, be sure to handle it with utmost care. It is best to lean the glass against a mattress and secure it with ropes to prevent it from shifting during transit.

The takeaway

Ask the movers for help if you don’t feel confident packing the glass table yourself.

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