How to Make a Study Plan for Exam Preparation?

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An examination is a part of the life of every school or college student. Every student probably has to give around six major exams every year. Everyone expects to get good marks in all of the exams because a lot depends on the marks a student obtains. Every student thinks that giving an exam is difficult. In reality, it is not so. Everything has a system and so does preparing for an exam. Studying for an exam and giving an exam is also part of a system. If you make a study plan and prepare for your exam accordingly, it would not be difficult for you to give an exam. Keep reading to know how to make a study plan for an exam.

Discussion of Preparation Tips

Let us take a look at a few tips and tricks that will help you ace your exams. Following these will help you remember and practice your topics in a better way.

  • It is a really crucial part of studying a subject that you have all your basics build properly. To do so, it is very important to pay attention to what is being taught in the class. If this is done, then it will be easier to grasp what is written in the textbook. If a student goes through each and everything that is written in the textbook, then they will be able to learn everything they need to and cover the whole syllabus. Reading the textbook thoroughly is the first step to prepare for an exam in the best way possible. 
  • The next preparation tip is to go through all the textbook exercises after reading the chapter. The exercises help in revising each chapter with different types of questions. Sometimes, in school examinations, the questions that are given come from the textbook exercises themselves. So, if the exercises of the textbook are thoroughly done, it will be a whole lot easier to answer the questions that come in an examination.
  • Next, let us talk about different types of reference books. Besides following the textbook, following a reference book can help you prepare for your examinations very well. There are several reference books. Some books summarize every chapter in such a way that it becomes easier to grasp what a chapter is about. A reference book, along with summarizing a chapter, lists down all the key points that you need to remember in a chapter. If you remember the key points, then during an examination, it becomes easier to elaborate on a single point. In this way, writing answers in an examination become easier. If one follows a proper reference book, then they do not need to read a single chapter of the textbook again and again to grasp everything that is written in the chapter.
  • Now let us come to questions and answers. Learning chapter-wise important questions is very important. You can do this from your textbook itself. Another option is to get a solution book that will contain all questions with their respective answers. In this way, you can prepare for short question long questions, one-word answers, and everything.
  • Now, as we know, subjects like Hindi and English have both language and literature. For a student of any class, both of these subjects can be very important subjects whether it is their first language or second language. The question pattern for language and literature examinations is different. So, there are different ways of preparing specifically for each. Besides the basics of reading the textbook thoroughly, a few specific tips will help you prepare better for each part of the subject.
  • For language too, just like other subjects, the basic thing to do is read the textbook thoroughly. The textbook will help us understand every topic clearly. Once you get a clear understanding of a chapter, start practicing. The best way to get better at grammar is to practice. The more you practice the question and answers of the language, the better you are going to get in that. Scoring in the language exam is easier than scoring in literature. Language answers are all to the point, hence it is either wrong or right. There is no in-between. So, if you practice your language section properly then you will be able to score very easily in the language section.visit here tamilmv
  • Another part of a language examination is essays. Scoring in essays is generally not easy. It requires a huge amount of practice to be able to write an essay that will bring you easy marks. The best way to get better at essays is to practice writing. The more you practice writing an essay, the sooner you will get the hang of it. The best way to write an essay is to jot down the necessary information related to the essay topic. Then you should divide the essay into three parts- introduction, body, and conclusion. Figure out what points you want to include in which section of the essay. After this, elaborate on the points under each category. In this way, you will be able to write a good essay. Keep practicing this. You will get better and score good marks in your examination essay. 
  • For the literature portion, the best way to prepare is to practice both long and short questions. If you know your marking pattern, you will be able to practice the type of answers accordingly. Try to answer to the point. Do not miss any necessary information which is asked in the question.visit the site mis portal webmail


The key to scoring good marks in an examination is to practice. Getting a clear understanding of your chapter is crucial for building your basics. After this, all there is left to do is practice. Follow these tips, and you are good to go.