How To Install An App On An Android Phone?

There are times when you need to install apps from outside the significant Android flea market. Google doesn’t run a tight ship when it comes to what’s sold in its store, but it still has its share of limitations. Sometimes you may need an older version of an app that might be more compatible with your device. There could be other multiple reasons for you to download an app from outside the app store.

Here are some ways of installing apps other than from the recommended app store.

Enable Unknown Source

Firstly, you will need to change a few settings on your device to allow apps to be installed from an outside source. Applications are available as bundles of .apk files, which you need to install to run an app. You can search for these files and download them from even your web browser like APKMirror. But to do that, you will need to “allow” your phone or any Android device to be able to do so. You will have to go to the:

  1. Settings
  2. Biometrics or Security
  3. Check the box marked Unknown Sources

Some devices might have this feature under App Management.

Beyond this, the recommendation is that you should browse through trusted sources or websites for your .apk files. However, before downloading you may receive a prompt “this type of file can harm your computer”. If it’s a known and established source for legal .apk files, then just go ahead. Download, locate and install.

Install Via Google Drive Or Dropbox

Alternatively, if you have downloaded or have an app available on another device, you can upload it to a cloud service. It gives you access to the .apk files from anywhere and everywhere. You can access it through your Google Drive or Dropbox or whatever cloud service you are using and install the app.

Install Using An Online .apk Installer

APKInstall is a web app that is created to help manually install and share .apk files. Upload the .apk files, and you can generate a QR code that can be shared. Scanning the QR code will give anyone access to the app. Just download on your device and start the installation process.

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The Play Store and AppMaster

Ultimately, the Play Store is a one-stop-shop for the majority of Android users. It is one of Google’s massive archives of apps, games, and all digital things in the world. For the most part, you’ll find everything at the Play Store that you need.

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Though the availability of the Play Store facilitates any app installation process, you have other options as well. Downloading and installing an app on your Android device is no longer a struggle. And as a consolation, the Play Store app itself comes installed on all your Android devices.

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