How to increase your IQ?

The intelligence quotient or IQ refers to a total score obtained, from a set of standardized tests or sub-tests, intended to assess human intelligence. The abbreviation IQ was invented by the German psychologist William Stern, who designated a method of scoring a set of intelligence tests. In this regard, IQ is considered in several areas like education, employment, competitions, etc. That’s why many people are looking for ways to improve it. In this article, learn how to increase your IQ.

To learn a new language

According to research, learning a new language improves your brain. Because you will expose yourself to complex new rules, like grammar, conjugations, and other similar things. This leads to a thickening of the cortex, as well as an increase in the volume of the hippocampus. In short, this means that the language centers of the brain are developing, which promotes your individual capacity. Also, it improves your score when you take an iq test . By having an improved IQ, you will be more effective in:

Play stimulating games, play sports, play music

In this regard, the game of chess is a perfect example. It is not for nothing that chess games have been played for centuries, even by members of the royal family. This complex game develops your problem-solving skills, improves your concentration and stimulates both sides of your brain, which helps strengthen your corpus callosum.

For your information, the corpus callosum refers to the part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres. For example, experts say that if Einstein was so brilliant, it was largely due to his corpus callosum, which was particularly well developed. Thus, the genius could access all of his brain at the same time, and not just one or the other part. Also, it was found that children who took chess lessons for weeks increased their IQ significantly.

In addition, playing sports is also an ideal activity to develop your IQ test. It’s obvious, playing sports requires skill, and different combined actions, which have the effect of exercising your brain, in addition to your body. In addition, sport is an engaging activity, which you will do with envy.

Also, it has been shown that mastering a musical instrument can increase people’s IQ. Nor are these insignificant gains. Because playing music can boost your IQ by 7 points or more. Therefore, it would be best to start piano lessons in Australia as the best way to improve your recollection and mental skills. It’s because you have to remember chords, melodies, and lyrics, which also improves your memory and cognitive skills. For example, you could go from 98 to 105 just by learning one of the works of the great musicians.

Meditate, get enough sleep, consume creatine

Countless studies have shown that meditating for even a few minutes a day not only boosts mood, but also improves the effectiveness of deep cognitive processing. It is an essential part of intelligence, which helps you to be innovative. For example, if you replace 20 minutes of surfing on social networks with 20 minutes of meditation, you will have beneficial consequences for your IQ.

Also, each hour of sleep less, compared to the eight hours recommended per night, can make you lose points with your IQ. In fact, regularly losing two hours of sleep a night can lead to “mental retardation” in a person. It lowers the IQ.

If you take 5g of creatine a day, you can increase your IQ by 15 points over a six week period. Obviously, creatine can give a significant boost to brain power. Why ? In part, because it increases the energy levels available for calculations in your brain.

Everyone passes the IQ test at least once in their lifetime. This information is very useful if you are not happy with the result or want to produce it. Learn how to raise your IQ with simple meditation exercises. We will discuss the effectiveness of this technique and how it works later.

IQ level can be easily improved

Famous scientist Siegfried Otmar spent more than 30 years proving his theory. He believes that human intelligence has two sides.

  • Experience and scholarship gained. This is called crystal intelligence. It is the knowledge accumulated in a person’s life. As a result, everything became less and less clear. The more information you receive, read, research, and develop your mental abilities, the higher your Crystal Intelligence will be.
  • A smart mind is a mobile intelligence. With him, everything got a little more complicated. It manifests in the ability of the brain to adapt to work in unusual conditions and to find solutions to problems without practical experience and sufficient information. In numerous studies, Dr. Othmer has shown in practice that mobile IQ can be as successful as a lens.

How to improve and test your IQ

It turns out that to improve mental capacity, you need to meditate for 12-15 minutes a day. Such exercises allow the brain to relax and get into productive work. The meditation process restarts the brain, improves memory, improves concentration, and increases memory capacity. In his research, the scientist was able to show that meditation can also increase mental flexibility. All of this combined will allow you to increase your IQ level by 23% and consolidate that result in the future.

Solve logic puzzles

Fun logical thinking training task you’ll find in popular blogger Dmitry Chernyshev’s book “What to do at night with your family in a country without the internet”. Here are a few:

Train your memory

So far, you’ve tried guessing numbers by choosing an average. This is an ideal strategy for games where numbers are randomly chosen. But in our case, this number was not chosen at random. We have deliberately selected a number that you will have a hard time finding. The main lesson of game theory is that you have to put yourself in the shoes of other players. Let’s put ourselves in your shoes, let’s say you say the number 50, then 25, then 37 and 42. What is your final estimate? Is it number 49? Congratulations! yourself, not you. You are stuck again! We thought of the number 48. In fact, all this reasoning about interval averages is designed to mislead you. We want you to choose the number 49.


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