How to grow an account from scratch on Instagram?

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You spent hours photographing your content, preparing a story for the caption, and then you posted it. Once you hit the share button, you start to live in constant anticipation of likes and comments. However, a few hours passed by, and you only received a couple of likes and one or two comments. Your high hopes for this post went down the drain with your dreams of growing on Instagram. However, did you take the time to analyze what went wrong in the first place? Yes, there is no step-by-step method of growing on Instagram. But they are certain practices that will allow you to reach a wider audience base and get new followers.

Buy followers

An Instagram profile that has two or three followers will not gain much attention from Instagram. Your post will not be promoted by Instagram on its feed. Therefore, you should buy a certain number of followers so your profile can get a boost, and you can build your audience on that. Check out how you can buy real Instagram followers. When you buy real followers, they actively engage with your post because they are interested in what you have to say. When you gain active engagement and likes on your posts, Instagram sees it as a positive factor and boosts your post further, allowing it to reach a wider audience.

Optimize your bio

Instagram allows 150 characters in bio. Your bio will tell your followers who you are and what they should expect when they visit your profile. Your bio should be crisp yet engaging. Your bio must have:

  • What do you do
  • Your personality
  • Call to action

Since the bio is the only clickable link that is allowed on Instagram, it should have a link that connects the audience to your website or another link-in-bio tool that would allow you to add a category of links.

Find the best time to post

According to the latest stats from Instagram, when you post has a lot of influence on the engagement that you will receive. To understand, which is the best time to post, you can check the insights option in your Instagram business profile. From there, you can figure out the most active times of your audience. You must also understand which is the right time to post as per your audience. For example, if you are posting a fitness-related video, you should post it out of work hours so that people can actually watch or read it.

Post consistently

Whether it is YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, consistent posting can get you ahead of others. Brands that post regularly see the best results. It has been observed that brands that post daily gain followers quicker compared to others. Read this tutorial on how to get more followers in a week.

Understand the algorithm

Six specific factors determine whether your post will show up on other people’s timelines or not. These are:

  • Whether the person will like your post or not based on their previous activity on your timeline.
  • How recent is your post?
  • Accounts that someone engages with regularly
  • How often does the person use Instagram
  • How much time does the person spend on Instagram
  • Posts from accounts that the person follows already.

Experiment with content

You can mix up different content types and showcase them on your feed and understand which content gives you maximum engagement on Instagram. News of different content is the fastest way to read more followers because multiple content types allow you to engage with multiple types of people. This website will enlighten people about the existing business and trades.