How to Get Your Teen Engaged With Youth Sports

Are you trying to inspire your teen to engage in youth sports? 

Of course, sports are an excellent way to encourage a happy and healthy mindset in teenagers. However, there’s no denying that sports are also incredibly beneficial to a teen’s physical body. When we consider that the obesity rate for American teenagers is approximately 18.5%, it’s simple to understand move promoting movement is critical. 

If your teenager is struggling to get involved with sports, this one’s for you. We’re sharing three ways to get your teen interested and excited about sports! 

1. Consider Their Friends 

First things first, what sports have caught the interest of your teenager’s friends? 

Let’s face it, a teen’s social network is the most influential sphere in their life. If their friends are interested in sports, they’re all the more likely to develop a similar interest. For a teenager that doesn’t have a natural interest in sports, it’s helpful to use their friend’s interest in sports as an incitement. 

To start, try suggesting that they join their friends in a sport. When they have a friend already involved in the sport, joining as a new participant will be far less intimidating.

2. Outline their Strengths

What are your teenager’s most dominant strengths? 

Maybe they have excellent stamina and they can effortlessly run for miles. Or, perhaps they’ve developed great upper-body strength and can throw a ball like no other. Either way, it’s important to identify and consider your teenager’s best physical abilities when encouraging their participation in sports. 

If they feel that their strengths will serve them well, they’ll be all the more likely to consider getting involved. In feeling that they are likely to perform well, the fear associated with trying something new is significantly minimized. 

3. Allow Them to Choose 

At the end of the day, the sports that a teenager gets involved in should be their decision. While you can promote sports to the best of your ability, you don’t want to come across as forceful or commanding. 

Choosing for themselves will encourage them to pick a sport that they’re genuinely interested in. This is more likely to result in a longstanding relationship with that sport and allow for the sport to become a truly enjoyable hobby. If they feel like they’re being forced to participate, joining a sport may actually have an adverse effect on your teen. 

With a sport in which they’re genuinely interested, they’ll be proud to display their sporting apparel and memorabilia to their friends! Check out these team patches from for an example of fun memorabilia! 

Getting Your Teen Involved in Youth Sports 

Let’s face it, learning to appreciate sports isn’t always a natural instinct. 

However, there are incredible mental and physical benefits involved with youth sports. From socializing your teenager and encouraging confidence to keeping them physically fit and healthy, there’s no idea the positive effect sports can have on our teenagers on BJJ. 

This is especially important when we note that approximately 1 in 3 teenagers will suffer from an anxiety disorder. If your teenager is in need of some inspiration, allow this guide to help youa about Jiu-Jitsu mats! 

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