How to Get Benefits from Hiring Pedestrian Accident Lawyers?

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According to the pedestrian accident statistics for 2022, in Grand Rapids, MI, pedestrian deaths were the highest in 10 years. Pedestrians are often vulnerable and suffer severe injuries when a vehicle accident occurs. However, a pedestrian injured in pedestrian accidents may be entitled to personal injury protection benefits under the Michigan No-fault statute. Injured pedestrians should take action immediately to ensure a Grand Rapids Pedestrian Accident Lawyer protects their rights and best interests as they pursue compensation. 

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in Grand Rapids, MI, it is possible to look for compensation for your medical bills and other related expenses. In addition, a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer can help you recover compensation for your damages and assume the stress of dealing with an insurance claim. It is undeniable that hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer to handle your pedestrian accident claim has several benefits.

Gather Evidence:

Understandably, you may not always be able to take these steps after a pedestrian accident. However, if your injuries allow it, take pictures of the site, where the vehicle hits you, any speed signs, and anything else around it. A pedestrian accident lawyer could use it as evidence in the court hearing. Getting any witnesses’ names and contact information is also a good idea. So, it can be called upon that testifying as to what they saw at a later date is required. 

It is also very important to keep the clothes you were wearing in the condition they were in after the accident. Since your clothes could provide further evidence of the impact of how you were hit, keep any other thing you could show as evidence. Another important thing to do is write everything you can remember leading up to, during, and after the pedestrian accident. Doing this as soon as possible is crucial since your mind tends to blur and lose important details over time.

Contact the Authorities:

The people who saw the accident have already contacted the police. In most cases, the driver who hit you will do this. If no one has called the police, ask them to do this. Whether you are hurt or not, you need to contact the police. It will allow them to create and file an official report about the accident and situation. Usually, contacting the police means that emergency services will also be notified.

It also means that there will be someone on the scene to check you for injuries and provide emergency treatment. An injured person may sometimes not realize it due to shock. Therefore, be sure to get checked out no matter how you feel. It will help your Grand Rapids Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to provide great benefits.

Collect the Driver’s Information:

Even if you are not injured, try not to allow the driver to leave. You must at least get the driver’s name, contact number, and license plate number. However, it is great that all parties involved in the accident can stall enough for the police report of the pedestrian accident to be taken. At the same time, this will need talking to the driver but don’t talk about the fault. Keep in mind that you never apologize, even in politeness. It is because how you act and what you say can be used against you in the future. 


Staying calm is very important when you have been injured in a pedestrian accident. While this may be challenging, taking stock of the accident scene is very important. Gathering evidence, collecting information on a driver, and other crucial steps will help you to get the benefits of hiring a Grand Rapids Pedestrian Accident Lawyer. They can review the facts you gather and help determine what needs to be done to help you recover compensation. It is invaluable and something that you should not overlook.