How to get a virtual card

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Can you imagine existence today without a smartphone? Undoubtedly, this gadget is firmly entrenched in the life of every modern person. This is primarily due to its mobility. Having access to the network, a person can not only quickly find the necessary information, communicate with friends, but also make financial transactions in Internet banking – make money transfers, purchases and make various payments. That is why it is important to know how to issue a virtual card.

The experts of WestStein financial institution in this article talked about how to open a virtual card online, as well as the advantages of such a tool. The benefits of a virtual card are as follows:

In fact, 100% safe. The Mastercard virtual card guarantees that you did not leave your confidential data when making an online payment. In addition, the holders of such cards are also protected from physical fraudsters.
Versatility. A virtual card, which is quickly issued on our website, allows you to pay for various purchases and services in real and virtual space around the world.
Fast and clear release system. It is possible to create a virtual card through our service in just a couple of minutes, without paperwork and physical presence.
Free service. The WestStein prepaid card is issued completely free of charge.


Virtual card: how to use

To get a virtual card and start using it, you need to register on the official WestStein website and pass verification. This will definitely not take much time, in addition, no list of documentation is required from the client – just a full name, address, e-mail and phone number. If you have any questions when filling out the registration form, feel free to contact our competent manager for help. The employee will be happy to answer the consumer’s questions and help solve the problem. The virtual card is available for free immediately after authorization – you can safely replenish it and go shopping.

virtual bank card can be used literally everywhere: to pay for various services, in an online boutique, a store, a pharmacy, a medical institution, a restaurant, an airport, etc. All you have to do is add it to the Google Pay or Apple Pay app.