How to Find the Right Online Gambling Service in India

Gambling in India is still largely frowned upon. Evidently, aside from a few states, there are no land-based casinos. Whatever gambling is done, between friends and families. If one wants out of that circle for some gambling experience, the only way is to break the federal and state laws and enter illegal gambling houses. Therefore, online gambling sites are the only viable and sensible options that Indian gambling enthusiasts have.

Running/Operating online gambling sites is disallowed too. However, Indians can participate in online gambling sites which are hosted and registered elsewhere. Fortunately, since India is a big market, there are many casino houses catering to the Indian community specifically, hosted elsewhere, to satisfy the demand.

Yes, there are now a lot of choices for online gambling in India.

Here are some of the things that you can keep in mind before committing to one online gambling site. In this guide, we will see what are the boxes you need to tick before joining one particular online casino in Indian rupees.


Like we discussed earlier, the online casinos that are registered in India are illegal. If you are playing in one of those establishments, you are aiding and abetting an illegal institution. Since there are perfectly legal places where you can do the same things, doing it illegal makes little to no sense. Therefore, please check from which country is casino operating to do legal online gambling in India.


A good casino has a license from a reputed organization. The establishment can only obtain the license when they fulfill and maintain a certain standard. Think of it as your regular driving license. What does your driving license mean? It means that a reputed organization i.e., the government in this case has checked your driving skills and found you capable of operating the vehicle with competency.

Similarly, for online gambling sites, the license means that the casino has fulfilled all the basic safety and security measures and they operate the establishment within the bounds of the law.

Games Carried

Now up until this step, the casino is legal and it is licensed. Therefore, we move forward and see if it actually carries the game that we want to try or play. Online gambling sites can be legal and everything but it means very little to us if it doesn’t carry the games that we actually want to play.

Before committing, make sure they have the game that you want to play in the format you want to play. Oftentimes, the players get misguided when a website has say  “Andar Bahar” option for example. But as it turns out later that Andar Bahar is only available in RNG or playing with a computer and there is no live dealer option and you wanted to play live andar bahar game.

Make sure something like that doesn’t happen to you.

Payment Options

Again, we have made sure the casino is legal, licensed, and carries the game we want to play. However, it again stops us from enjoying the games to the fullest if the casino doesn’t have the payment option that we are most attuned with. This is also a major turn-off for most players. Players, rather than signing up for the service that the said casino accepts, often opt for changing casinos for online gambling in India.

Therefore, most online casinos have made a conscious effort to include as many payment methods as possible but since there are too many options, including all of them is quite difficult.

Make sure you don’t run into trouble later and see if the casino you end up choosing accepts your payment method.

Bonus and Scams

Since there is fierce competition to get a new user base between different online gambling sites in India, they announce many different kinds of the free signup bonus and no deposit casino and other giveaways.

Find out if the casino you are choosing offers those. The bonuses are a great way to know an online casino, without committing one’s own resources. You can play, see around the casino with the signup bonuses they offer and if you like what you see, then you can go ahead and make a deposit.

However, once in a while, new online casinos pop up promising outrageous sing up and first-time deposit bonuses that are too good to be true. These casinos are short-lived and are nowhere to be found the next day. Try and stay away from these.

The bonuses are generally good, but too much of them is a red flag.

These we some of the things to consider before you choose an online casino. Don’t fret though, there are tons of online gambling sites for online gambling in India that ticks these boxes. Baazi247 is one of them. They are operating in India for a long time now and have a pretty good track record, all things considered. You can play card games like Andar-Bahar, Teen-Patti, and many others that are Indianized so that Indians can have a good time.

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