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Being aware of all the characteristics of the categories listed, therefore, it is easier to find the car most in line with your needs such as car rental Las Vegas under 21.

Let’s see some of the main factors  to be respected in choosing the right vehicle:

  • First of all,  it is necessary to think about the number of passengers that will have to be transported, but also about the number of kilometres that you think will have to be travelled.
  • A comfortable vehicle is essential if you are going to travel many hours a day, and the space available in the passenger compartment is very important from this point of view.
  • The destination is another factor that should not be forgotten: if you are heading to a large city where you are likely to be forced to juggle traffic and struggle to find a parking space, a small car can be useful, which guarantees optimal manoeuvrability.


As we have seen, therefore, the aspects on which it is good to focus are not few.

However, we must also consider other factors that determine the price of the vehicle or the type of agency where to rent a vehicle.

The presence of children is anything but a detail, and not only because their presence requires the preparation of an ad hoc seat, but also because the highest standards of comfort must be guaranteed, especially in anticipation of rather long journeys.

If you have decided to opt for a utilitarian rental car, make sure it has a height that allows internal liveability to ensure that your children can move freely whether you are in the city or your destination is outside it.

The number of suitcases that can fit in the boot is important if you are travelling with three or more people.

Let’s take a classic Fiat Panda as an example, its trunk can carry up to three small pieces of luggage.

Surely the price is very exciting but if the car is not able to contain passengers and luggage it could become a problem.

If, on the other hand, we opt for a higher category, a compact sedan, the number of luggage reaches up to four while the station wagon category guarantees performance and luggage space suitable for five people including luggage for a long journey.

Your own vehicle driving experience may be a final factor to consider for a rental car.

By increasing the size of the vehicle, the greater the chances of being able to hit it, in this case, we advise you to take advantage of the insurance formulas that are proposed by the rental companies that you will still have to include in the spending budget.

With this mini guide we have tried to show you how to choose the category of a rental car, now, surely in your search for a vehicle, you can define in advance which one you can select despite the different proposals of the car fleet of the different rental companies.