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Most people dislike lugging bundles of dirty clothes to the laundry and back every other week. It is undoubtedly one of the most procrastinated chores ever. However, the laundry industry has changed all that for the common folk. Now, wash and fold services are affordable even to the common people and not just large institutions or enterprises.

How can you find the right laundry service when there are so many options available? Are there any key factors to consider before choosing one?

Here’s a list of a few critical things that will tell you how to find an excellent wash and fold service.

Price and professionalism

Typically, most laundry places charge as per the weight of the load. They will charge a bit extra for heavy or more oversized clothes that need special cleaning services. Also, if you need dry cleaning services, you may need to pay more. The reason for this is that most wash and fold services outsource dry cleaning. So, it is best to pick a service center where you can get everything done in one place at a reasonable price.

Another thing to consider is the professional standard of the laundry company. To know this, check things like flexible payment options, consistency in quality service, hygiene, and privacy policy, among other things.

Turnaround time

Laundry is a priority in the healthcare, hotel, and hospitality industries. It is an absolute necessity to have a fresh and clean set of linen every day. So, if you are a part of this industry and are planning to hire professional services to get your laundry done, ensure to check their turnaround time. It will be no use to give your load to a service provider that cannot finish it on time and instead leaves their clients hanging indefinitely.

Damage and loss policy

While it may not necessarily occur all the time, laundry companies may accidentally lose a clothing item or two occasionally. Or, they may damage a costly gown, dress, or suit by tearing or ripping it, causing loss to the client.

To protect yourself from such instances, check if the laundry service you wish to use has a solid damage and loss policy. Find out how they will compensate you in case of such unforeseen losses so that the onus of the lost or damaged item is not on you. Ideally, a reputable laundry company must compensate you for an item as small or seemingly insignificant as a sock or a handkerchief.

Pickup and delivery service

Most people who outsource their laundry are those who wish to spend their time on more productive things. They may be managers at a restaurant, a hospital, or homemakers with young ones that need all their attention. And if you have to manually drop and pick up your own load at the laundry place, the purpose of hiring professional services is defeated.

Therefore, you should look for a service provider that offers a laundry pickup and drop option. You just have to coordinate with them and set a schedule that is convenient to you. Accordingly, they will pick the load up from your doorstep and drop it back at a time suitable to you.

Products and special services

Always look for a laundry service that is flexible enough to accommodate your needs. For instance, you may want your clothes cleaned with hypoallergenic detergents as you are susceptible to allergies. In such cases, check with the service provider if they can offer different detergents for such special requirements. Also, check if they use different methods to clean various clothes, such as dry cleaning woolen clothes and washing cotton bedsheets.


Finally, ask around to gather opinions about the professional laundry place from people who have availed their services in the past or are presently using them. You can also look at the company’s website and check positive reviews from existing customers. This will tell you if the service provider is a dependable one.