How to Farm Gold in Old School RuneScape

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OSRS (Old School RuneScape) provides gamers with an exhilarating and fascinating world to explore, with different quests and enemies. Gamers can choose whether to use their time to grind up their skill levels or go on a quest with other gamers or having a combat with a wide array of enemies. The game offers players with a lot of freedom. However, no matter how you choose to use your freedom, you will always need a decent amount of gold to be able to trade and enjoy OSRS game to the fullest.  Having enough gold is the integral part of the game. As a result it is important to know how to earn gold quickly and use it properly. 

Below is a quick guide to help you form gold quickly and easily in Old school RuneScape.

Level up woodcutting

Woodcutting is one of the “big three” skills that can easily make you money fast in the game. Although it doesn’t seem like a challenging and lucrative field, woodcutting is a great way to earn coins because all you have to do is click on trees over and over again. By leveling up on wood cutting, you gain both experience and a decent chuck of gold when the wood is sold at the Grand Exchange. As you level up in the game, players will move from normal trees to oak in order to maximize profits. 

Level up on mining

Mining is the second in the “big three” ways of earning money in OSRS. It might be the most profitable actually. Similar to woodcutting, it is easy to do but tedious. Just like the real life mining, all a gamer has to do is break rocks in order to get various kinds of valuable Gemstones and ore that they can sell at the Grand exchange for OSRS gold.  The most profitable options usually are iron core and gemstones. But, if you want this skill as part of your character build up, you can combine it with smithing to allow you create weapons and armors that you can use in combat or you can sell for higher amounts of money in the long run.


The last part of the big three ways to warn money quickly is fishing. The disadvantage of fishing is that is it not profitable during the early stages of the game. But from level 40 onward, players can make a huge amount of cash. At the beginning, gamers fish for shrimp up to around level 20. There after you can switch to the barbarian village to fish for Salmon and Trout. Level 40 onward, players begin to fish for Lobster, which fetch more money.  As you level up, you go for swordfish, tuna, Monkfish and finally Sharks, with are the most profitable.

Fight dark wizards and flesh crawlers

When you meet the requirement for certain quests, fighting these two enemies can be a lucrative and entertaining way to meet you gold problems. You need to be a Mage or a Ranger and play on a member’s account to fight Flesh Crawlers. If you meet the requirements, players can go inside the Stronghold of Security containing the Flesh Crawlers and take position in a safe area. Once in a safe vantage point, gamers can then open fire and kill the flesh crawlers to be able to pick items such as ores, runes and herbs that they drop. The items can be sold off for high amounts of gold.  Rangers with magic armor can access south of Varrock and engage in an exciting battle with the dark wizards. Both enemies are easy to kill for a range or mage and they will drop items that can be exchange for gold coins.

How to Tap Into the Grand Exchange (GE)

Gamers make a ton of gold by exchanging items on the Grand Exchange. To get the best deals on the market, you need to keep an eye for undervalue items on the market. Some players often put items on the market for a price lower than the market value. This allows you to purchase the items for Cheap RS gold. It is a bit challenging to obtain OSRS gold this way, because the market has a lot of things. As much as flipping can get you money, it can easily make you bankrupt. As a result, it is important to know exactly what item you are getting and how it will help your character before you buy it. Start with the necessary tools and build on your character as the game continues.


When it comes to earning and using gold in OSRS you need to understand that new players will have to work extra hard to earn as much gold as those who are at a higher level. That is why if you want to get more coins you should level up as fast as possible and know the best way to use your gold in building your character.