How To Explore New York City For The Thrill Seeking Tourist ?

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New York City is arguably the world’s most famous city. It is larger than life and home to tens of millions of people, New York is a diverse, multicultural melting pot. It is absolutely stuffed full of amazing tourist attractions and is renowned for its extremely fast-paced, constant rush hour vibe. Because New Yorkers are very much always on the move, there are many ways to travel within the city. You may be wondering what the best way to explore new york city is. There are so many things to see and do in New York, your choices are endless.

New York boasts of hundreds of famous monuments, restaurants, squares, buildings, zoos, and, of course, the Grand Central Park. This guide will explore some ways to get around New York so you enjoy your visit to the fullest.

Walk Everywhere

Even though it is no quaint European capital built around the pedestrian, the Big Apple is still a great walking city. There is hardly a better way of enjoying New York’s bustling, ‘I-need-to-be-there-yesterday’ nature than on your feet. Each neighborhood and borough has its unique aura, offering a different experience wherever you find yourself. The city actually has an amazing and underrated street scene, and walking around allows you to sample all of it. It gives you an opportunity to catch the spirit of New York, to submerge yourself in the iconic sights and sounds of New York. You can meet the people, who often live up to their reputation, and you can truly admire New York’s iconic architecture. The best part? Walking is absolutely free.

Take The Subway

The New York City Subway is probably its most famous transport system, only rivaled by the ubiquitous yellow taxi. The Subway system is an effective way to navigate New York and get pretty much everywhere, or at least very close to where you want to get to. All underground stations have a culture and vibe unique to each one and are attractions as well. The system may be a bit confusing, but there are phone apps available to help you find your way, and the pattern begins to make sense as you get used to it. You will pay just under 3 dollars for a ride, but you can get a seven-day pass for 33 dollars. That would be a better option if you are going to use the Subway a lot.

Hop On A Ferry

You may not know this, but New York is actually a collection of many small cities built on islands and surrounded by waterways. There are bridges connecting all of the different areas, but the very efficient ferry schedule is definitely the more scenic route. The tourist-oriented Staten Island Ferry will take you from Manhattan to Staten Island, across the New York Harbor.

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