How to differentiate between blackmail and extortion

The smartphone industry is now growing rate at a much faster pace than ever. With affordable and cheap smartphones available everywhere, every person can now easily own a smartphone. Moreover, considering the competition between the cellular companies, internet and call packages are available for as cheap as can be imagined.

However, not every person owning a smartphone has good intent behind it or uses it for the purpose it is intended for. These days, most of the access to these devices and services is being misused. People are exploiting this facility to ابتزاز الكتروني and violate other people’s personal space and data. This has become common now. People are blackmailed either using fake information or real one in return for favor or ransom. The proper terms for such crimes are extortion and blackmail. Read on to know the difference between the two.

What is blackmailing?

The term blackmailing refers to force or threaten a person that their private information will be leaked if they do not comply with the demands of the blackmailer. In other words, the blackmailer negotiates with their target that if they do not fulfill the favor they are asking for, the blackmailer will release their personal information all over social media. However, the target agrees to the favor, the blackmailer would not leak their data. An example of such a situation can be that a person can become the target of الابتزاز العاطفي by the blackmailer that their private pictures will be leaked if the person does not fulfill their demands.

What is extortion?

This term on the other hand refers to something slightly different. Although the intent is the same that the blackmailer threatens the user that their data, which can be damaging to their image, will be revealed to the public. But as the information that is being compromised is all true, large sums of money are demanded by the hacker in return for their silence. This sum of money is called ransom in this case. An example of such a situation can be where an influential person’s system is hacked which holds their private data. The hacker contacts them with the evidence and asks them for money if they want their data to be kept safe.

You can protect yourself from these blackmailers by putting strong antivirus and malware onto your system which will make it difficult for such hackers to breach your systems. Moreover, you must have strong passwords on your social media so that they become difficult to access.

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