How to Delay Your Period Safely

When it comes to periods, there is, unfortunately, never a perfect time and it usually occurs at the most inconvenient time. For example, if you were to go on a camping trip or on a holiday, the last you would want to be concerned and worried about is dealing with your period. Therefore, to help you with those concerns, there are period delay treatments like Norethisterone which can help you to enjoy your time without having to be worried about the period.

However, there are many questions that revolve around this type of treatment like is it safe or what is the best treatment, how long can you take it for and etc. This article will help to answer all of your relevant questions about how to delay periods safely and effectively to help you to address those concerns when you need it.



Norethisterone prescription treatment helps to delay the period by replicating progesterone – the female sex hormone. This hormone regulates the menstrual cycle and is also responsible for thickening the lining of the uterus on a monthly basis which is done to prepare for egg fertilisation. However, if you don’t get pregnant during that period, the levels of this hormone decrease and cause the lining of the womb to shed, causing the period to begin. Therefore, this treatment essentially tricks your body into thinking that you are pregnant, thus stopping your period from occurring. 

In order to achieve the desired effect, take 5mg doses orally three times throughout the day. As a result, the treatment effect can last for up to 17 days and the treatment should be started 3 days before the start of your period. After finishing the treatment, your period should start two or three days later. However, it is important to know that this treatment is not a contraceptive and therefore you could still get pregnant. 

The Combined Contraceptive Pill:

When you take the combined contraceptive pill, you take a small break from taking the active pills every month for menstruation and therefore taking those pills constantly can delay or even prevent your period. In order to achieve this, you should take the medication for 21 days and then carry on taking the active pills for the next 7 days. As a result, you still get the contraceptive effects of the treatment while also delaying your period with this back-to-back method.

How Safe is it?

It is completely safe to take Norethisterone for a temporary period delay unless you have any of the following:

  • Have a family or personal history of blood clots condition
  • Had angina or a heart attack
  • Have a history of genital or breast cancer
  • Had jaundice or pemphigoid gestationis when pregnant
  • Have porphyria

Therefore, when you take 2 packs of the Norethisterone treatment, you can get a prescription for this medication after 6 months or consult with your doctor if you wish to use it more frequently.

What are the Side Effects?

The side effects of taking this medication are rare and are usually mild:

  • Headaches
  • Changes in Mood
  • Changes in Sex Drive
  • Nausea

What Else can be Used to Delay My Period?

  • Taking a morning-after pill like ellaOne or Levonorgestrel can cause your period to start earlier or later. 
  • Other methods of contraception like IUDs can cause you to stop having periods
  • An increase in stress levels can have an impact on your hormone levels, causing a late period
  • Potential eating disorders can also cause conditions like anorexia that affect body functions and ovulation. A similar case can be made for overweight individuals and causing irregular periods.

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