How to Decorate Your New Retail Store?

Making a good first impression matters, especially for retail stores. Customers are often attracted to the look of your shop’s front window display and will most likely remember it. With that in mind, decorating and creating a nice environment for your customer to shop in is key to success. In this article, we will share some tips and tricks to decorate your retail store and attract people to your business.

Choose the right colour scheme

Colours are important, they can change how you feel about a place and make you feel more at ease and willing to spend more time browsing. The design of the exterior should be bold and exciting, the goal is to entice people to come in your store. You could go for bright colours and a clear signage. Inside the store, you could opt for dark flooring with black or grey paint and a bright accent wall. In fact, painting one wall in a vivid colour tends to make the room larger and is an easy way to make the room more interesting.

Avoid the clutter

Adding some items on display can bring personality and character to your store however it can quickly look cluttered. The best way to avoid that is to add some space between each merchandise but also pick items with neutral colours with small touch of colours. Another tip is to declutter regularly, clutter can pile up rapidly and before you realise, you end up with a big mess to deal with. Making decluttering a habit is key to a clean and organised space.

Add some plants

“Green” is an ongoing trend at the minute and is really popular amongst stores, coffee shop or showrooms. From hanging plants, green walls to micro plants or succulents, they’re a great way to add some life to the room. Aesthetically, plants are some of the prettiest items you could add to the room, but they can also completely change the atmosphere of a room. Indeed, people tend to associate plants with health and calmness.

Play with lighting

Light can really make all the difference; it helps provide visibility and create a nicer atmosphere all around, it can set a mood and draw customers in. Make sure your space is lit properly with adequate lighting, you could also invest in smart lighting to create a cool and personalised ambiance.

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