How To Create A Haven In Your Bathroom

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Friends and loved ones ask to use your bathroom for obvious reasons, and most bathroom designs are pretty standard. However, upgrades and renovations give you an impressive bathroom design that makes visitors envious. Homeowners replenish and unwind with a long hot bath after a hectic day at work, but the wrong living space concept stops them from getting the full benefit of the space. Consider the advantages of revamping your bathroom and creating a private haven.

Update Outdated Fixtures

Significant bathroom updates transform the space and create a sanctuary for you to relax. Separating the shower and bathtub gives you a bigger bathtub for relaxing. Many shower/tub combos don’t provide enough room for everyone, and the tubs are too small for couples to share.

A freestanding bathtub is a terrific choice for a master bathroom and offers plenty of relaxation opportunities. Visit SF Kitchens & Bathrooms and get started with your beautiful bathroom renovation project.

Choose Wall Colors Conductive to Relaxation

Wall colors are a personal preference, but experts recommend white, charcoal, silver, lavender, or navy blue for a bathroom. These wall colors help you relax, and they’re easier to clean. If you prefer, add two colors of these colors to the overall bathroom design. If you already have wall or floor tiles installed, pick a color that appears in the tile that is also relaxing.

Deep Clean the Bathroom

A deep clean and declutter lets you create a pristine bathroom free of debris and unwanted items. If you don’t need something, get rid of it and save the space for what you want in the living space. Cleaning the bathroom from top to bottom refreshes the room and removes odors and buildup.

If you don’t want to do the task yourself, professional cleaners perform deep cleans at reasonable prices, and there are cleaners to hire locally. In addition, they’ll have professional-grade cleaning products that work better than standard supplies.

Reorganize the Bathroom

Adding new shelves and cabinets is essential to creating a haven. When you find everything easily, there’s zero stress, and your day begins positively. A clutter-free bathroom is more relaxing than a living space full of backstock items and linens in disarray. Proper shelving and spacious cabinets are the best way to manage everything you need in your bathroom without creating chaos.

Add Tranquil Scents

Today’s wax burners add beautiful scents to bathrooms safely, and unless you’re taking a hot bath, wax burners are safer and aren’t fire hazards. Wax melts come in various fragrances, and it’s easy to find your favorite smells. In addition, the scents last far longer than candles and spread through your home, refreshing your bath and bedroom.

Brighten the Room With Mirrors

Mirrors are critical to bathroom designs for obvious reasons, but they also brighten and add more natural light to the room. The mirror placement determines how much light comes into the room, and it’s best to place them on the wall opposite the windows for maximum natural lighting.

Add Gentle Lighting With Dimmer Switches

Create gentle lighting with updated light fixtures and add a dimmer switch for the right ambiance. Don’t remove lighting around the sink that helps you get ready in the morning but find new lighting for the rest of the space.

Incorporate a Little Nature

Plants incorporate a little nature into the bathroom, and the live plants increase oxygen levels to help you relax. Greenery makes the bathroom more tropical and lets you imagine an island paradise while relaxing in the tub.

Hang Art, You Love

Art with protective coatings or made from corrosive-free materials adds to the atmosphere. Choosing art that you love in the bathroom helps you create a space you’ll adore, too, and it’s best to hang the art at eye level. For example, small sculptures for the sink basin let you increase the room’s creative elements. If you want to enjoy the bathroom more, you’ll need artwork that makes you happy positioned in the room without overwhelming the space with decorative touches.

Use a Bath Caddy

Bathtime is more relaxing when everything you need is within reach. For example, a bath caddy lets you enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee while relaxing in the bath, and the fixtures fit over the edges of the tub with ease. In addition, the caddies are ideal for your book, toiletries, or anything you might need when relaxing.

Update Your Bath Towels

Replacing old and worn-out bath towels with bath sheets improves your experience. The bath sheets come in various colors and are extra soft and cozy. They are perfect for everyone and allow you to wrap up after the sudden cold from exiting a hot bath.

Change Your Showerhead

A new showerhead gives the illusion of showering in a rainforest, and these upgrades make your bathroom more like a spa. Dual showerheads are perfect for couples and stop one of you from standing in the cold during a shower.

A tranquil haven offers a chance to leave all the day’s stress behind you and get a better night’s rest. Renovating and implementing bathroom changes creates the perfect sanctuary and gives you the right ambiance in the living space. Browse the entire inventory of elegant and sophisticated bathroom fixtures to start your next renovation project.