How to Convert OLM to PST with Free Tools?

As any professional knows, email is an essential tool for communication and collaboration. However, managing email can be a daunting task, especially if you’re using multiple email clients. One way to make email management easier is to use an email client that can store files in a variety of formats. For example, Outlook for Windows can store data in PST files when configured with POP3 accounts. This makes it easy to transfer data between different email clients or to back up your data. Additionally, OLM files are a great option for Mac users who want to maintain their data in a format that is compatible with their operating system. However, there are some concerns about the operability of OLM files. In order to address these concerns, users may want to consider converting OLM to PST. There are a variety of methods for doing this, and the appropriate method will depend on the user’s needs. However, the process of converting OLM to PST is not as difficult as it might seem, and it can be a great way to ensure that your data is accessible and usable on a variety of platforms.

Why to Convert OLM to PST?

As we have stated above, OLM files are not versatile and at times these files lack accessibility. OLM files can be difficult to access across devices, leaving users limited in their options for conversion. Fortunately, there is still a way available that allows OLM to PST file format transformation without the use of third-party tools; however it does require careful execution according to detailed guidelines. To learn more about this process and get started converting your files, take a look at the steps outlined below! To get the most out of your OLM file and convert its contents to PST, you need a complete process that guides you through every step. Look below for an explanation of how to fully utilize all necessary tools while making your manual conversion successful!

First and foremost, you are supposed to open Outlook for Mac and then move ahead towards selecting ‘File’ located in the uppermost corner followed by ‘Export’. Now from the new pop-up screen that appears next, you need to go with ‘Mailbox Archive’ option so as to continue with the process. Post this action; a new dialogue box comes into existence asking for a location where you wish the newly created archive ‘olm’ file get saved. Remember one thing that you are not supposed to change the default name or location of the resultant file. The moment you press ‘ Ok’, all your mailbox items begin getting converted into an unreadable format i.e., OLM file which is eventually getting saved at a predefined location on Mac machine selected earlier by you

Now it comes to accessing archived OLM files on Windows platform which is again not possible without any hassle as OLM lacks cross-platform compatibility features. In order to make it happen i.e., allow users open & view Outlook 2011 or 2016 for Mac data on Windows platform; it becomes mandatory converting OLM files into PST format which once done can be accessed using MS Outlook email client installed on Windows machine irrespective of any version (2019, 2016, 2013, 2010)

As quoted earlier also that there is no inbuilt mechanism available till date using which users can execute & achieve OLM2PST conversion task; therefore pursuant to the same a third-party tool like Stellar Converter for OLM.

At last comes verification step whereby newly converted PST files need to be checked thoroughly so as to ensure whether data has been migrated successfully or not by opening them via MS Outlook application installed on Windows machine followed by comparing results (data existent in both – source as well as destination file format). If found similar then it implies that process has been completed flawlessly else reattempt conversion task carefully following each & every instruction mentioned above very cautiously so as avoid occurrence of any kind of error thereby resulting in smooth & successful migration of entire data saved inside Mac outlook olm file format into windows supported PST extension without any type of alteration or modification whatsoever.  Consequently user would be able access same stored data hassle-freely irrespective of platform being used by him/her i.e., either Mac or Windows platform without facing any type inconvenience related problem in near future provided usual precautionary measures are taken care off while performing whole process from beginning till very end without skipping even single step intentionally or unintentionally.

You would need two email clients for sure that are; Microsoft Outlook for Mac (OLM file) and MS Outlook (PST file). As we move forward with the conversion steps, both these email clients will be used parallelly. So it is advised that you should have them installed on your system before you start with the conversion process. Apart from these two applications, a stellar converter for olm is also needed which would act as a catalyst in the conversion process. It is a software application that has been designed for moving data files from one format to another. Considering its utility in the conversion process, it becomes an inevitable part of the whole approach.

3rd Party OLM Converter Tool

The introduction of third-party tools has significantly simplified the process of converting OLM to PST files. Stellar Converter for OLM is an excellent choice, allowing users to conveniently access and convert all items into a single file. Make life easier with this powerful conversion solution!

The stellar olm converter is considerate when it comes to compatibility, executing the process with ease. This software can process multiple OLM files, which makes it an easy and convenient tool for many.  Another feature that makes this olm file converter tool from stellar best buy is that it allows preview of items that are to be converted. Unlock the potential of your data! The Stellar OLM Converter is designed to make life easier, so you can quickly and easily verify which emails or items are converted. It allows for enhanced productivity in any existing environment, giving you more time to get things done.

To ensure the safe and successful conversion of your OLM files to PST, rely on Stellar Converter for OLM. This powerful tool will provide you with a smooth transition from one format to another in no time!

First download the software stellar converter on your system, then run the software and select the files that need conversion, finally hit convert and let stellar olm converter do its job–quickly, easily and affording you total peace of mind that your data is now safely stored as a PST file. And there you have it! You’ve now converted OLM to PST without any fuss using a stellar olm converter. With its user friendliness, top-of-the line performance and top ratings from industry experts, stellar converter is really the best option when deciding on a third party tool for conversion purposes. Go ahead and give it a try! Stellar Data Recovery, is a 30 year old company with 100+ data recovery, repair and converter tools offer the best pre and post sales customer support.

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