How to Communicate Visually With Your Customers?

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As a form of communication, visual communication suggests delivering messages not through long texts but with images, graphs, charts, infographics, and presentations. The essence of communicating through visuals is to tell a story or inform about an event through visual representations. Therefore, visual communication can help you transmit the message you want in a faster way and grab your customer’s attention. 

Visuals are worth dozens of texts, as sometimes those can influence even more than the enormous bodies of text paragraphs. Below are some visual communication means you can use to level up your message transmission. 


One form of visual communication is to create illustrations. You can create illustrations with the help of graphic designers. For example, you can turn photography ideas into sketches and show your creativity while transmitting the message through visuals. You can also use collages and tell people about an event with the help of your visual. 


For over a decade, presentations have become more extensive use during public speaking, lecturing, or business conferences. Not only you can use it when presenting a topic to the public, but also on your website, you can include several presentations and tell people through it what you would initially know if you were about to write texts. In addition, they are great for transmitting the message without making people read long passages. 


Infographics refer to the collection of numbers, small pieces of texts, charts, and graphs in one poster that aims to transmit the message to the receiver quickly. You can use infographics if you want to let your customers know about your achievements in one shot. Including statistics in infographics is another way to influence readers persuasively. Those are more factful and impressive and transmit the message clearly. 

Videos and GIFs

You can include videos and GIFs to deliver messages as part of visual communication. Some people avoid texts but are more prone to watch videos, and you can have video or animation production. To grab customers’ attention, you should also consider creating GIFs. Although they started to get in more extensive use recently, they are a great way to catch attention and transmit light messages. 

Charts and graphs

If you were about to write a text, you would follow the model of including pathos, ethos, and logos in your text. With charts and graphs, you have endless creativity in transmitting several numbers, statistics, and facts through impressively designed charts and graphs. 

You can either create those through plenty of online tools or ask your graphic designers to create your own brands’ reusable and adjustable templates for further use. 

The same goes with graphs, and they are a great way to communicate with your customers through visual representation. 

Wrapping up 

Communication does not only refer to speaking to a person or writing a text. It also involves visual communication, which can sometimes be even more impressive and eye-catching than huge chunks of texts or long, endless speeches. You can communicate through charts, graphs, presentations, infographics, illustrations and collages, videos, and GIFs. Then, depending on the message you want to transmit, you can choose the mean that would best meet your expectations.