How to Cleverly Extend an Essay and Make It Longer

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Examine your writing from beginning to end, paying special attention to the parts in the middle.

When writing a paper, thoughts frequently go through transitions. If the introduction was the first thing you wrote, you should read over the first paragraph again. There is a possibility that essential information that the reader needs in order to appreciate your argument has been removed. Be sure that your conclusion summarises the most essential concepts discussed in the essay and provides a possible solution for the reader to consider. Please visit  for more info

Have a close friend or relative look at your paper before you turn it in.

Even if you are pressed for time, you can consider asking a friend, brother, or parent to read your work for you and take specific note of any places that they find confusing. The next step is to revisit the areas that were unclear and rewrite them, this time include additional information that would assist readers in comprehending the material.

Utilize Quotations In Your Writing

There is a significant likelihood that you have referenced the work of another person in the past. Incorporating quotations into a piece of writing is a smart strategy for increasing the total number of words in that piece; nevertheless, you shouldn’t do it just for the sake of doing it. Whether you are running low on words, you should make a second pass over your source materials to check and see if you have forgotten to include any crucial quotations.

Read over your outline once more.

Did you create an outline before you started writing on the essay to assist you structure it how you wanted it to be written? By reviewing your first outline, you can double check that all of the topics you wanted to discuss have been addressed.

Increase the number of times you make use of transitional phrases.

Teachers frequently look for basic connecting words like “therefore,” “even though,” and “on the other hand,” among others. Be certain that your essay contains no grammatical errors and that the sentences flow smoothly into one another. Ensure that this is the case by including transitional words such as the ones presented above.

Read your paper aloud to yourself.

When you read your work out loud, you are better able to spot any grammatical or syntactical issues that may have been missed during your initial reading. In order to solve this, you may find that paraphrasing the sentences results in an increase in the total length of the work.