How to Clean a Green Swimming Pool Quickly with these Simple Steps?

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Having a swimming pool in your backyard is an amazing idea. You can host weekend parties, go for laps after work, or can spend your afternoon lying on the poolside. If you have your pool it has numerous benefits but it comes with one crucial element which is its maintenance. Without proper maintenance, your pool will become dirty. That’s why it is essential to keep your swimming pool clean. If you don’t know

how to clean a green swimming pool   , you just have to follow some steps and it’s done.

But first, we have to know what the reason behind the pool getting green is?

The major reason behind swimming pools turning green is the overgrowth of algae. The overgrowth of these algae may vary which include:

  • Improper pH balance:

A pH level that is too low or too high will not kill algae or bacteria and can cause skin irritation. This improper pH level can lead to issues with water discoloration.

  • Weather change:

Mostly, algae grow in warm and humid environments. So if you are experiencing that weather is changing and inclining towards a humid climate then you need to get ready for cleaning your pool.

  • Lack of chlorine:

If your pool doesn’t have an adequate amount of chlorine in it, the water starts turning green. This happens because the algae start growing quickly in the water without chlorine.

  • Clogged filter:

If your filter is not working properly, you will have to face trouble cleaning your swimming pool. Clogged filters will not be able to clean the water which allows algae and other bacteria to grow.

These are some of the major reasons for water turning green in your swimming pool. You should try to avoid getting trapped in any of these situations.

But if you somehow facing these situations and want to know   how to clean a green swimming pool   , then you can follow these simple and quick steps:

  • Pool Draining:

If you are witnessing after  swimming pool installation that your pool is getting darker green and the borders are becoming blackish, then the most suitable approach is to drain the pool completely. After draining you should apply acid wash on the surface to make it clean. If you can’t see six to eight inches below the surface of the water then you must go for draining the pool.

  • Lower the pH

    level of the pool:

For getting an idea of how much you should lower your pool’s pH, you first need to test the pH of the pool. There are numerous testing kits available to test the pH of the water. But if your water is already green, you can skip this step because it already shows that the chlorine level is very low. The healthy pH of the pool is about 7.2. Once you know the pH level, you can use sodium bisulfate to reduce it. Add this product to the pool and test it again after a few hours.

  • Shock your pool:

It is a method of adding shock liquid chlorine to the pool water. This procedure will immediately kill a large number of the bacteria and algae in the swimming pool. Many professionals who provide swimming pool services  recommended that you need to chlorinate the water to 30 parts per million.

  • Flocculation:

If your pool is still looking cloudy from the leftovers, you can add flocculant to clump all the debris and small particles together. This will help to vacuum all the debris from the bottom of the pool.

The tips mentioned above help you to get crystal clear water in your swimming pool. If you don’t have time to clean your pool, you can get help from professional swimming pool services. They have a team of experts who help you to maintain your swimming pool at its best.

Tips To Maintain Your Swimming Pool

Here are simple tips after

swimming pool installation to make your pool water stays crystal clear without any professional help:

  • Maintain pH
  • Check filters frequently
  • Use a pool cover
  • Brush and vacuum regularly

Bottom Line

You will get a fair idea from these steps on how to clean a green swimming pool. For more assistance, you can hire professional services at an affordable rate.