How to Choose the Right Perfume?

Perfume is an olfactory dress that reveals the personality, character, emotions of each one. Learn to read the secrets of perfume to find the fragrance that best suits you and buy cologne cheap from sky cents.

Know what we like

First of all, you have to be able to define the smells that you like. A perfume can be floral, fruity, amber, woody. It is often difficult to decide on one. Criteria vary based on skin, emotions, memories, and personality.

Try your Perfume

A fragrance for every skin. The effluvium varies according to the type of skin since the epidermis tends to transform the characteristics of a fragrance. To find out if a perfume is right for you, try it on the areas where the pulse is taken (neck, cuff) and wait half an hour. It is then that you discover the true personality of a perfume, its trail and how it suits you.

It is not advisable to try a perfume on the back or the palm of the hand. Also, do not vaporize the fragrance near jewelry as the metal acidifies the skin in the contact environment.

Understand the Notes of a Perfume

A perfume has a structure conceived in the shape of an olfactory pyramid divided into three parts: the top notes (those that are perceived from the vaporization, fresh and volatile), the middle or heart notes of the perfume (more voluptuous, they appear after 10 min) and the base notes (heavy and tenacious, are those that fix the perfume). One knows the true smell of a perfume an hour after applying it, when all the notes come to light.

Choose the Right Formula

Cologne, perfume, fresh water, scented oil, lotion. It is not always easy to choose the formula that best suits us. It is necessary to know that the cologne is ideal for daily use as it leaves a discreet trail. Lotions and powders that delicately perfume the skin also work well. For a more intense fragrance, choose a cologne or even a perfume, a real wardrobe essential that will dress you all night.

Perfume in the Right Place

It is said that one has to perfume oneself where she wants to be kissed. Perfume is an article of seduction, and for it to take effect, perfume the indiscreet areas: neck, nape, décolleté, behind the ear, on the inside of the wrist. You can also perfume your clothes to obtain a trail delicate. However, a perfume must be revealed with subtlety. Two or three sprays are enough to smell good for the rest of the day.

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Preserve the Perfume

The perfume does not do well neither the light, nor the variations of temperature, nor the heat … Keep it in its original packaging. A well-preserved perfume has a life of between 2 and 5 years. However, if the perfume is already started, the air alters the content and ends up altering it. An unopened bottle can retain the scent for years. However, the color of the perfume may undergo modifications, which does not mean that the fragrance has been altered.

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