How to choose a good laptop for college?

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Before you spend your entire budget on a laptop just for its brand, you should pay close attention to the specifications that your career needs because in the end you do not want to end up with a laptop that you do not get the most out of. Technology advances year after year by leaps and bounds. Therefore, we decided to give you tips to choose a laptop, so you will take home just what you need.

Analyze the programs you will use

A laptop in which you will have different Adobe Pro programs open is not the same as one in which you only use Chrome and Word. Your whole choice will depend entirely on this. It is not worth investing in something that you are not going to use. The prices also come in various ranges and the advantage of accessories.

Mac or windows

One of the most frequent questions among those looking for tips to choose a laptop is whether you should choose a Mac or a Windows computer. And the answer has more to do with personal tastes than with the ability of both operators. Mac is a fast and intuitive processor that offers a very neat experience to its users. One of the strongest points of Windows is that you get options to choose from. 


Depending on what type of use you want to give the laptop, it is important that you check the processor before buying it. You can go for Intel or AMD, both have pros and cons. In this sense, you can buy huawei matebook x pro. It comes with i5 and i7 processor. If the most frequent programs on your laptop will be Office, playing mid-range games, doing multiple works at a time, running high-end software, surfing the Internet and listening to music, you can opt for an Intel i5 processor. But if you are looking for heavier programs and perform tasks such as video editing or joining the games with great graphics, you should opt for an Intel Core i7.


In the memory section, you should know that the minimum that a laptop must have to be able to use it without despairing of its slowness is 4 GB of RAM. However, it is recommended to have at least 8 GB. If what you want is a laptop that doesn’t give you headaches, look for those with 8GB of RAM.

Size and weight

Since laptops are computers that we will be moving from one place to another, their size and weight are one of the aspects that we must take into account the most among the tips to choose a laptop. Huawei matebook x pro has a weight of 1.33 kg. There are already many options for laptops weighing less than 1.5 kilos on the market


Another point is the battery capacity. No matter the model you choose, you should anticipate that its battery has an estimated time greater than 8 hours. You will not always be able to carry the charger or you will find a plug nearby so take this tip into account.