How to care for straight wigs by Luvme Hair? 

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Here is how to care for straight wigs by Luveme hair, and you can make them work for a longer time than ever! Check it out!

Straight wigs can go a long way with the right amount of care, and here is how to care for straight wigs so that you can also carry them for a long time.

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How do you take care of human hair wigs at home? 

These easy steps can help you save a lot of time and money in the long run; however, maintaining human hair wigs will make them shine and look straight like natural hair. Follow these easy tips and tricks for perfect results.

1) You need to wash the straight hair wigs with shampoo as you wash normal hair.

2) However, you will also need to use a conditioner after washing your hair to maintain the shine and beauty of the straight-hair wig. The conditioner will make the wig softer and smooth after every wash. Leave the conditioner for 2-3 minutes to smoothen out the hair.

3) You should wash these natural wigs at least after 6-8 wears, so they do not look like they are loaded with dust and dirt.

4) Again, to get the best results, you need to wash your wig with cold water so that the hairs remain separate and tangle-free.

After washing out your wigs, you need to style them carefully, and here is what you can do!

Styling your natural hair wig! 

There are different options when you choose natural hair wigs, and the undetectable lace wigs are the ultimate option. This is because they are easy to style, and using heat through curlers and straighteners will not damage them. The best part is that the installation of natural wigs takes seconds, and you will love the results.

However, you need to style your wigs with complete care, and here is what you need to do!

1) Place a styrofoam or a dummy head before styling your human hair wig, and never style it directly with your hair. This will help the wig stay in its original condition and not catch any sebum or dust from natural hair.

2) Never start styling on a wet wig because it will not fit your desired style.

3) Never use hot water on human hair wigs because it may damage the layer underneath the hairs.

4) Never use a brush on the lace segment when you are in a rush. It may rip off the lace or strands directly from the wig.

5) However, if you are going for a dye, you must remove the wigs and prevent the wig from any colorant or bleach, which may ruin your wig.

If you follow these simple tips and techniques, you will get wonderful results like never before.

Additional tips for washing wigs 

1) We recommend our readers buy a separate wig shampoo for washing their wigs to prevent them from harsh chemicals. However, you can also wash them with regular shampoo if it’s not available.

2) Use hair serums on your wigs once in a while for the best shine and a tangle-free experience.

3) You don’t have to wash wigs after every use.

However, you can also buy T part wig because it is much easier to handle and comes with lace which gives a quick installation without glue.

Lastly, correctly storing your human hair wig can also make a huge difference, and here is what you need to do!

Storing your wigs the correct way! 

One great aspect of human hair wigs is that you can style them beforehand and use them whenever you need them. You can use cardboard or canvas so the wig remains in place and gives the style you styled earlier. You can pin the wig to the canvas, and you are good to go! Just remove the pins and use them as you would regularly do.

Another important way to store your wig is to store it dry. Never leave your wigs wet because they can gain any style or waves you might not prefer!

Store your wig separately so that it does not tangle with other wigs. These simple tips and tricks will help you maintain your wigs and give you an exquisite style every time!

Wrap it up! 

This was a quick guide on how to care for straight wigs. We believe that following these simple tips will help your wigs work for a long time, and you will not need to buy new ones every time.