How to Care and Wash your Natural or Mixed Hair Wig

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Wigs, extensions or human hair weaves made of human hair undergo intense chemical processing during their production, to maintain them correctly, it is necessary to use specially formulated care products; It is important to only use products that are specific for this type of wigs, do not use standard products that you use for biological hair, since chemical products can reduce its life and spoil the cap.

It is not necessary to wash your sew in hair daily, in fact, it is not recommended; Every time you wash your wig, its useful life is shortened, therefore it should be washed when it is dirty and not before. If you wear your wig every day, about 10 hours, it is normal to wash it once a week. You can always lengthen your wash if you use a special cap under the wig that will help absorb the oils from the scalp and keep the helmet cleaner for longer, as well as giving you extra comfort.

Always store your hair weaves in a holder that is smaller than the wig cap, to avoid stretching. And it is preferable that you store it in a place where it does not get direct sunlight. If you are not going to be using it for a long time, protect it with a natural fiber cloth or bag, such as cotton or linen.

Some tips for caring your wigs:

Do not wear a wig while sleeping; it can cause hair loss or breakage.
Over time your wig will lose hair, it is totally natural and a natural part of its cycle.
On the other hand, it is important that you avoid contact with chlorinated water, sea water and hot water, if you want to take a bath you do not want to show your head uncovered, it is better that you use a bandana or swimming cap, there are beautiful models.

How to wash the natural or mixed wig:

What you will need:

– Polystyrene head.

– Wide-toothed comb or round-tipped brush.

– Shampoo for natural hair.

– Natural hair balm.

– Conditioner for natural hair.

– Natural hair mask (every four washes).

– Towel.

1- Place your wig on a polystyrene head, and put a pin on both sides and another on the back to hold it.

2- Detangle the hair bundles, start at the ends of the hair and continue to the cap, remove tangles without pulling or dragging. Use a comb or brush that is special for unice headband wig and if you cannot untangle the knots, you can apply a spray conditioner that will help you.

3- Wet it with running water from the roots to the ends, never rub, as it can cause tangles and damage the hair. If the hair is short you can do it under the sink faucet, and if it is long you can hold it under the faucet of your bathtub or shower. If it is curly, leave the net on to avoid tangles. Let the cold water flow from the base to the ends, then gently squeeze to remove excess water (do not twist).

4- Wash: Pour the shampoo on your hands and distribute a small amount of shampoo evenly from the roots to the ends. Leave it on for a few minutes, it doesn’t take long, the shampoo is self-cleaning and dissolves dirt quickly.

5- Rinse: Let the warm or cold water flow in the same direction as the hair to avoid tangling.

6- Balm: Apply a small amount of balm on your hands and rub your hair weaves. After working on the hair, distribute the cream delicately avoiding the roots and knots, from the middle to the ends, you can take the opportunity to detangle the unicehair with a comb starting at the ends and working upwards. If we apply balm to the roots, the product will undo the knots in the cap and cause hair loss. Leave the balm on for about 3 minutes and then rinse. Press gently with a towel to remove excess water.