How to Buy Inverter Battery at a Reasonable Price?

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Getting an inverter battery at a reasonable price takes a little bit of digging into various products, technologies, and your specific requirements. The only reasonable pricing is the one that not only suits your budget but can also handle the load requirement of your household appliances. It’s no good getting an inverter battery that is priced low; however, is neither able to handle loads effectively nor perform under testing conditions.

In this article, we will understand the basics that you need to keep in mind when choosing an inverter battery so that you can choose a battery that delivers on all parameters, i.e., pricing, performance, service life, built quality, and maintenance costs. Unless you buy a battery that meets all these requirements, you might find yourself settling for the wrong kind of battery.

Verify your Load Requirement

The market has all kinds of inverter batteries, making it possible for you to find one within your budget without any issues. However, before you shortlist any inverter batteries, find out how much backup duration requirement you have, i.e., how powerful the battery needs to be to run all of the appliances that you would want to keep running during a power cut.

An inverter battery’s backup duration can be measured by it Ah also known as ampere hours. The higher the Ah, the longer the backup duration of inverter battery. So, let’s take an example of a normal household where a 150Ah battery is enough to run a few lights, fans and television set, but in the case of a bigger household with more demanding appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, geysers, and pumps, etc. It would require a higher-powered battery to handle that additional load for the required duration of the backup. So, always buy a battery that can meet your requirements, rather than just buying one based on the inverter battery price.

Compare Batteries

Once you have the load requirement figured out, you need to create a shortlist of batteries that you think are the best fit for your home. For now, let’s not look at the inverter battery price while comparing, but rather spend time exploring the additional feature sets that they come with. Look for things such as safety features, backup time, charging time, and ease of maintenance. If you need power backup for long durations, and space is not a constraint, you can go with Tubular batteries. And, if you’re living in an area of frequent and short-duration power-cuts, then you can go with flat plate batteries.

The most reasonable inverter battery price should be the one that fits within your budget, while delivering more on all your requirements. Since an inverter battery isn’t something, we buy every other month or year, the better the feature sets of the battery, the longer it will last, giving you maximum value for your money.

Branded Vs Local

It’s a fact that when you visit the market, you will find a huge price difference between authorized retailers from reputed brands compared to local manufacturers who sell at steep discounts on their products. But is it worth it? Even though the inverter battery price would be much less compared to an inverter from a reputed brand, it cannot be dubbed as reasonable.

Simply put, a cheaply built product comes with no performance, safety, or service life guarantee, and you will end up spending a large sum of money on maintaining the product simply because of the poor-quality parts used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, if you want to really cash in on your investment over the long run, always buy a battery from reputed manufacturers to get the maximum performance, efficiency, service life, and low-maintenance costs. While saving a few bucks by getting a locally manufactured unit might seem great, it won’t be so in the longer term due to the constant wear and tear, thanks to low-quality components used in its manufacturing.

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