How to Build the Most Successful User Onboarding Experience?

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For the success of a product, it’s necessary to ensure that users are not just well aware of the product launched but are also using the product well enough. To keep track of the same, user onboarding system are used by the companies.

User onboarding can be defined as the process of familiarizing users with the new value of the product. Onboarding begins the moment a user is introduced to the product and concludes until the time the user initializes the actual value of the product. 

User onboarding experience usually includes:

The above-mentioned definition of onboarding works well for two main reasons:

  • It recognizes the fact that onboarding extends throughout the user lifecycle
  • It explains the fact that user onboarding is much more than just showing the user how to use the product.

It is necessary to understand the customers’ expectations from the product as well, to nudge them to take the appropriate next steps to increase the usage of the product.

Why is User Onboarding Experience so Important?

Onboarding indirectly adds a considerable amount of value to the product. Obviously, if a customer is happy with the product they use, they tend to keep using the same product for a more extended period of time. As they continue to use it for an extended period, their knowledge regarding the same increases, increasing their trust and reliability in the product. Therefore, they don’t hesitate to recommend the product to their friends and family. This way, your existing customer ultimately increases the onboarding of new users.

While you are onboarding new users, you create a pool of users who are unaware of the proper usage and value of the product. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make them understand how to use the product or application and make them aware of the value they are being provided with. This helps the users :

  • To fulfill their ultimate needs from the product.
  • To create product goodwill.
  • To understand the actual value of your product or application.

 This is necessary to build a practical onboarding experience, to reduce the churn-out factor.

How can we Build a Successful User Onboarding Experience?

To retain as well as delight your userbase, you not only need to remember but also apply the onboarding process formula correctly. The onboarding formula says the right product should be introduced via the right channel at the right moment to attain practical and efficient results.

Some ideas to create a smooth and effective user onboarding experience are mentioned below:

  • Simple and effective info: The content that provides the information related to the product should be kept as simple as possible. So, that the user can easily understand what the product is about and how it adds value to them. If the content provided is not simple enough for the user to understand, they might churn out the product even before onboarding. Thus, the company might end up losing some potential users.
  • A good head start: We all might agree with this fact, that no matter how suitable the end-use of a product could be, its initial experience is all that matters. If the initial process of sign up for the usage of the product is too lengthy or too complex, the user might lose interest in the product and churn it out. Hence, it is necessary to minimize the number of steps wherever possible to keep the onboarding process short and simple.
  • An appealing welcome message: Taking care of minute details like an appealing welcome message can help you create an excellent user interface (UI). A welcome message acts as a transparent layer that increases users’ curiosity to know what is being offered in the main app or product. Not only it motivates the user to complete their onboarding process, but it also keeps their zeal uplifted.
  • Proper product tour: The new-gen users require the new-gen introduction. By planning a proper product tour, you can show your users what exactly should be done instead of verbally telling them. It acts as in-hand guidance to the right path. It is one of the most effective ways to pave the way for a smooth user onboarding experience.
  • Value creation for the user: Creating value for the users is the most essential element of providing the best user onboarding experience. It is good to let your end-users know what is in it for them and why your product or application is the best at the initial stages. It helps them to trust your user interface, ensuring a long-term benefit.
  • After boarding service: Onboarding cannot be termed as success, just by ensuring proper usage of the product by the end-users. The company needs to ensure that the users aren’t facing any trouble regarding the same after signing up for the product as an onboarding process extends throughout the user lifecycle.

Perks or Benefits of the Onboarding Experience

There are a lot of perks that a company can enjoy by establishing a successful onboarding experience, such as:

  • Establishment of trusted B2C relationship
  • Free advertisement via mouth referrals
  • Boosting of brand value etc.


Attaining a successful onboarding experience is not an easy task. It requires a perfect compilation of proper research, time, money as well as hard work. However, a perfect compilation of these factors can do wonders for the company. It would directly affect the end-user numbers and increase the probability of getting word of mouth referrals and ultimately leading to an increase in the product value.

The ideas mentioned above can help you establish a practical user onboarding experience. Irrespective of the complexity of your product or application, you can use the Digital Adoption Platforms to create a smooth user interface for your end-users. An effective User onboarding can make as well as break your product.