If you are choosing your career as an engineer, then you must know about the FE examination. If you are preparing for your career in a licensed civil engineer course in the US, you most definitely need to examine FE. FE generally mean Fundamental of Engineering (FE) civil practice exam. It is a six-hour commuter-based aptitude test. FE exam is also known as the EIT (Engineer in Training) course.

The FE examination is controlled by the national council of examiners for engineering and surveying (NCESS). This examination is done to maintain the standard the civil engineering across the US.

The FE environment practice exam is conducted for the graduates or undergraduates for the civil engineering course and tests their knowledge and aptitude. There are thousands of students who take the FE environmental practice exam each year. The eligibility of yours for giving the test depends upon which state you live in.

There are some states where students can take the FE practice exam in their final year, while in some, there is a rule where you have to show the set of years of working experience before you take this exam. Some states are also where the exam can be only conducted for the ABET licensing engineering program graduates and undergraduates. The accreditation board for engineering and technology (ABET) runs many engineering educations programs for the students residing in the US.

What is the need of taking the FE examination?

If you wish to be a professional engineer (PE), you must pass the FE environmental practice exam. It is open to all those students who are on the path of doing their engineering degree. First, you have to pass the FE examination, and then you have to clear the practice engineering (PE) examination. After clearing these two examinations, you can call yourself a professional engineer (PE). After passing both the examination, you can then start working on your PE licensures, which takes around four years of supervision.

Here we will provide you with some awesome tips that will help you crack the FE exam in the first place.

  • Get yourself familiarize with the topics.

FE examination covers almost every majority of undergraduate engineering courses. It covers the topics f statics, mathematics etc. But each year, NCEES creates the list of the topic that will be asked on the FE exam. So, first, you should know the exact topics that can come in your examination and prepare accordingly.

  • Point out your weakest and strong factor

FE exam covers almost 14 different topics. It depends on you, to choose which topic you want. There is a chance of getting more questions from one set of the topic than the other. It is always advised to look after the different topics and then choose your strong topic. This will help you in scoring more marks.

  • Leave the difficult subject to last.

Your weak subject should be your last priority. Your priority should be focused on those areas where you are strong. You can come across some of the topics you have never heard about in your undergraduate course in the FE exam. So, then, you should not waste your time on that very subject and move forward with another known subject. You can review these topics at last and prepare only the main points from these topics that come in the exam.

  • Sign up for the complete course

When you choose to sign up for a complete course, you ensure that you are not wasting your time. You might have lots of practice books and handbooks around you, but you will never miss out on any topics when coming under a structured course. You will end up studying more regarding the course, and you will grow in improving yourself.

  • Experience the real-test day by practising more

It is a continuous process of practising the test, which will make you feel more comfortable on the exam day. So practising the questions within the time limit will help you manage your exam time, and you will do well in your exam.

Prepare well for your exam, by giving many practise tests. Take the help of experts those who can help you in scoring more. Take a proper diet and be healthy to exercise your mind. Follow these steps and get the expected results in your hand.

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