How Much is Becky G Really Worth?

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Becky G, a famous American singer, with full name is Rebecca Marie Gomez, became successful at a very young age. However as the usual case it did not come simple. Her turning point was the release of her song “Shower” in 2014, when she was only a teenager. But what may surprise you is that the singer as well as rapper had actually started her career when she was only 9. How amazing it is!

Net Worth of Becky G in 2022

As of 2022, according to Becky G has gathered a net worth of over $8 million. Her main source of income is her songs. At her age, we have to it is impressive to have such a huge wealth.

Besides as a famous singer and rapper, Becky G is also a popular songwriter. She never lets down her fans when speaking of her work. She has been an inspiration and idol for lots of young girls.

Early Life

Becky G was born on the 2nd of March in 1997. She got increased in the community of the golden state in Inglewood. Her parents were Alejandra and Francisco Gomez. Her family resided in the United States of America. Gomez has three brother or sisters: two bros and also a younger sister. Also, she has a half-sister that is eighteen years old. When she was growing up, she expanded in economic battles.

That led to the family shedding their house and relocated to the garage of her grandparents, which obtained converted into a residence. At that time Becky was only 9 years old. She resulted in different jobs, consisting of doing commercials as well as voice-over work. G participated in a public primary school. According to her, at one factor, she regularly returned home because of bullying. She often makes use of the term ‘Mid-life crisis’ whenever she is broaching such periods.

Age, Height, and also Weight

Being born on 2nd March 1997, Becky G is 25 years old as of 2022. Her is 1.54 m in height, and 45 kg in weight.


Becky G’s career had begun since she was only nine years old, when she decided that she wanted an occupation path in songs. The very first thing that she did is to evaluate her pros and cons. Becky even educated herself just how to play the guitar at a childhood of 13. After finding out just how to play the guitar, it is time she produced her YouTube network in which she at first utilized to cover tracks. The truth that she can play well made her covers end up being hits.

Becky joined 2 group bands, and with each other they included numerous tracks that were launched later. Nevertheless, this did not fit her profile as an artist surge. What made her much more popular is her tracks that were offered on YouTube. After turning 13, Becky chose to do a cover for the track ‘Otis’ with a manufacturing company, “JAM”.

By making this relocation, Dr. Luke, who was an exceptional manufacturer, spotted her and also went ahead to sign her right into his document label. He employed her even prior to she showed Dr. her playing guitar ability and also her superb songwriting skills.

Becky was able to launch her very first album. She worked together with Will. tilted problem; this song got used for the hit movie Hotel Transylvania. Becky achieved her lifelong desire after releasing her very first solitary that was called Becky Block. This tune got to be influenced by superstar Jennifer Lopez solitary ‘Jenny from the block’.

The video starred Jennifer. The video got fired in the neighborhood of Becky. In April 2014, she had the ability to release a prominent solitary by the name Shower. She has been a regular curtain raiser throughout Katy Perry’s scenic tour. She has actually also launched a track, ‘We are Mexico’.

Awards and Accomplishments

She has been able to get numerous awards as well as nominations. Among the honors she has actually won: ‘Latin American Songs Honors,’ ‘Premios Juventud’ Among much more.