How Health Sector Transformation Programs Help Build a Kingdom

The Health Sector Transformation Program, as the name suggests, targets the structural compositions of the Saudi Kingdom’s health care system. It aims to focus on building an integrated health system to form trust and reliability between the citizens and the system. It aims to raise public health awareness regarding every disease; moreover, the system works on the principle of value-based care, providing the public with transparency regarding public health and financial developments.

Aims and Vision

The program guarantees an integrated health care system primarily focused on the care and satisfaction of the beneficiaries, all by best international standards. It plans to execute this idea, firstly, by improving access to health care services through optimal coverage and expanding e-health services, and secondly, by improving the quality of these health services. This is to be done by both engaging effective and efficient management of these services and by raising awareness of traffic and safety. The program flexibly acts as a harmonizing link between all health sector entities, VRPs, and government entities, productively coordinating between all. Along with strategic national goals to ensure a smooth sailing transformation journey.

This program, which is to be launched in 2021, was made to focus on and enhance the somewhat lacking healthcare services in the Kingdom. This program was a key focus in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, one about to implement effectively in the Kingdom soon during 2021.

The Health Sector Transformation Program succeeds the previously, successfully running National Transformation Program, which upgraded the health care system to meet the challenges faced by the sector by improving its standards and quality against risks and diseases. One of the prime examples of this is the program’s response and efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic; a disease competitively dealt with. Aside from this, another component that played a great part in dealing against the crisis the coronavirus pandemic brought upon the Kingdom is the VRPs.

Healthcare Prior to the Pandemic

The healthcare system has improved drastically in the Kingdom over the past few years. Efficiency, quality, availability of facilities, the introduction of the digitalized health sector while increasing geographical coverage, and launching helpful health care applications (Sehhaty and Mawid) have been some key elements of improvement in the health care system over the years.


Similarly, giving a good reason to invest in Saudi Arabia, the Health Transformation Program, in the light of global health systems’ development, will work on reconstructing the health care system into an efficient and integrated one, with having good communication of the individuals with the system. It will adopt the principle of value-based care to provide transparency and to work to the satisfaction of the beneficiaries. It will aim to raise public awareness on health care and disease prevention while improving the overall access to health care services through good geographical coverage and through an expanded provision of e-health services.

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