How does silicone manufacturer make silicone gaskets?

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Silicone gaskets is one of the most produced silicone products by silicone manufacturer, and it is in great demand. Usually it is produced by liquid silicone molding process. Silicone gaskets are applied to the currently available in the market, the industry, outstanding performance in different environments, and silicone pads can be divided into different silicone functions, such as thermal conductive sheet into electronic sensing function in the electronics industry, sealing silicone gaskets in the mechanical construction and other industries to dust seal cushion, etc, prevent slippery oil-resistant silicone gaskets in life to high temperature resistant, Environmental protection, so it has different advantages and different defects in different environments.

Such as silicone sealing gaskets in the machinery and electronics industry mainly have heat resistance, and high and low-temperature conditions, due to the molecular structure of the silicone seal ring has good air permeability and the gas has good selectivity, on the other hand, because the silicone has a certain electrical conductivity, and metal combination to conductive effect, so can be used as a thermally conductive silicone gasket, and because the silicone material Quality has certain environmental performance, silicone manufacturers can use food-grade silicone raw material production and processing to achieve non-toxic environmental performance, in life as some gaskets, coasters, placemat and so on! Liquid silicone molding is the main production process of silicone gaskets, which is very basic.

Solid silicone gasket, in manufacturing, this kind of product can be made by die cutting or water knife cutting. Its hardness is a certain standard, grading from 10 to 70 hardness.

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Like some low hardness (10A, 20A, 30A) although has a relatively poor closing force, also can have a good environmental sealing function. With the increase of hardness index, the closing force of solid silicone gasket is also gradually increasing. Silicone gaskets can be used for both metal and some rigid enclosures. The quality of the gaskets from the silicone manufacturer needs to be discussed. Liquid silicone molding is the accumulation of technology in the silicone production and processing industry for decades.

The relevant indicators are described as follows: solid silicone gasket scope of application: heavy water sealing and sinking hardness requirements: wide hardness range (10-70 Shaw A) wide temperature range performance: UV and ozone resistance production: die cutting or water cutting.

Special attention to the silicone gasket

Two, sponge sponge gasket, this kind of product is very soft, compared with the solid silicone silicone gasket we said above, there are still some low hardness solid characteristics. This kind of sponge can generally be deflected by 25% of the compression force.

Generally, we consider a compression force of 2 to 5 pounds that can cause deformation to be considered soft, and a compression force of 14 to 20 pounds is considered firm. As an environmentally-friendly seal, a silicone sponge has a closed structure, so it can produce a good application effect.

Models like NEMA4 and IP64. The specifications of this product are as follows: Sponge silicone gasket usage: Heavy-duty water jet sealing engineering use temperature: -100°F to 500°F performance: UV and ozone resistance production: die cut or water knife cutting.

Food grade silicone sheets for daily use, medical equipment, and human body long-term contact products that have to be used in this type of products, such as lid sealing sheets, connectivity shock absorption sheets, and so on, These kinds of products must achieve environmental protection level testing certification. silicone manufacturer has delivered a large number of these products to the society.

Advantages of liquid silicone molding for silicone

Mechanical seal is widely used, and powerful, in different industries the mechanical silicone gaskets and buffered silicone gaskets can be said to be the most common type of products, miscellaneous pieces of this kind of parts is also a lot of silicone products manufacturer is one of the main, and the use of different environment and performance can choose different materials, in addition to the silicone material, natural rubber, gas eyes, butyl rubber, neoprene rubber, etc Have a wide range of times. Product characteristics of silicone gaskets are maximized with Liquid silicone molding.

So no matter what industry, the function of silicone gasket has been involved in the use, as for the functionality of the use of the environment and effect! No matter in any industry, silicone gasket has been basically applied, such as commonly used for output pipeline shock absorption electronic products, etc., the different roles of silicone gasket can be selected with different materials, and the performance of different materials can make the overall product use effect and life more prominent.