How does a Temporary Staffing Company work?

If you’re looking for a job, chances are you’ve had experience with a Temporary Staffing Company. What are they, and how exactly do they work?

What is a Temporary Staffing Company?

A temporary staffing company is responsible for hiring workers to transfer them to other companies, but as the name suggests, temporarily.

Companies hire the services of these companies to enjoy all the advantages they can offer them. Despite the costs involved, they avoided all selection work. And the temporary staffing in Los Angeles is in charge of selecting candidates and carrying out all administrative procedures related to recruitment.

Temporary staffing Los Angeles are companies that offer labor intermediary services to other companies, the user companies. User companies contract through Scion Staffing Los Angeles temporary staffing commercial contracts to do the job of both recruiting specific candidate profiles and recruiting. After the agreement, the worker will provide services to the user’s company. A temporary staffing agency is the only entity authorized to transfer staffing.

Are they profitable for the candidates?

In principle, it can, because once the temporality ends, not a few companies decide to make their workers permanent. Also, this type of selection can be helpful if you want to choose temporary work, especially during the summer and Christmas campaigns, when these companies have a higher level of activity.

By law, salaries must be the same, although there may be certain additions that temporary staffing Agency workers and staff do not benefit from. The salary is determined based on the agreement received by the user company. A worker hired through a temporary staffing Agency does not pay any fees for their recruitment. The user company bears this fee of one hundred percent. It is a service you pay for, and nothing is charged to the worker’s salary.

The final salary of an employee employed by a temporary staffing Agency may be higher, as vacations and additional payments are settled monthly.

What advantages does a worker have?

For certain workers and at certain times, working through a temporary staffing Agency offers flexibility and temporality. If we want to create a job suitable for study and not spend a whole day with another job on a one-time basis, this formula can help us increase our income.

Staffing Agencies While knowing the labor market, they specialize in the skills and profiles of each sector. It can be a good launching pad if we want to check how our CV specialization works.

What advantages do companies find in contracting through temporary staffing Agencies?

The company saves on the costs of recruiting and selecting personnel from hiring procedures, Social Security, etc. It is an agile process where you can immediately have a specific employee profile.

What contracts can temporary staffing Agencies make?

By definition (and by law), temporary staffing Agencies can only make temporary contracts. The type of contract will be determined by the reason for which the union of workers is requested. The following reasons can cause it:

  • The state of production, when there is a peak of activity in the company, for example, at Christmas, sales, short-term campaigns, summer.
  • Specific work and services, when required to perform activities with start and end dates.
  • Meanwhile, for substitutions or to cover losses.

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