How does a shisha work?

A shisha is between 60 and 90 cm tall. The water pipe is composed of 4 main parts:

  • Water vessel
  • Column of smoke
  • Head
  • Hose


Shisha tobacco contains harmful substances. You can get cancer from that too. If the tobacco burns while smoking, there are even more pollutants. Also, there is always nicotine in tobacco.

The tobacco is under the glowing coal so it is slowly burned. When coal burns, many pollutants are created. They are inhaled when smoking shisha. You can get cancer from this. A poisonous gas is also produced. It’s called: carbon monoxide. The gas can be very dangerous if inhaled.

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There is also nicotine in shisha tobacco. Nicotine is a poison and is addictive.

Many think if I only smoke a water pipe sometimes nothing can happen. But they quickly need it more often. Because nicotine is addicting. Some start smoking cigarettes. You can also use shisha with steam stones or smoke herbs. That is then without nicotine.

Young people in particular do this. But they still get used to that smoking shisha. Especially if they do it a lot. Maybe they change later. Then they smoke shisha with tobacco.

Steam stones and herbs

Steam stones are sometimes used instead of tobacco. They are made of volcanic rock. The rock has many small holes. Therefore it can easily absorb fluids. The stones are coated with liquid aromas. The stones are heated. Then the liquid rises as a mist. This mist also contains pollutants. They are drawn in with the water pipe. The steam stones are nicotine free. Instead of tobacco, herbs and fruits can also be used to be smoked. The herbs and fruits are also without nicotine. Even when smoking herbs or fruits if you inhale a lot of pollutants.

Carbon monoxide

When the shisha charcoal burns a lot of carbon monoxide is produced. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. You can’t see it and you can’t smell it either. Then you inhale a lot of the poisonous gas. The heart and brain are getting too little oxygen. You get a headache or you get dizzy. It can happen that one passes out. Then you have poisoning. You have to go to the hospital.

Passive smoking

If you don’t smoke yourself, nevertheless inhales all pollutants. So if you sit by smoking shisha, smokes passively. He also breathes carbon monoxide and other poisons.


With additives are for example Flavorings, sugar or glycerine meant.


Flavorings are part of smoking shisha. They are in the tobacco, in the steam stones or in herbs. The smoke tastes better with flavorings. It is easier to breathe in.  Flavors have a certain smell or taste.

For example: Apple, peach, mango, or vanilla pudding.

That makes shisha smoking more interesting for many. Many believe what smells so good cannot be harmful. They consider shisha smoking to be harmless. But that’s not true. Shisha smoking is risky.

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