How Do You Choose The Best Lasik Doctor in Delhi?

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Lasik surgery is one of the best and quick ways to get rid of lenses and glasses. So, if you are facing problems because of glasses. You can go for Lasik surgery. We are among the best doctors for Lasik surgery in Delhi. Lasik surgery has proven to yield the best results. The patients have achieved 20/25 vision or better. However, the results of Lasik surgery depend upon several factors. You must consult an eye surgeon to know if you are a good candidate for Lasik.

Lasik surgery is not possible if your glass prescription keeps changing every six months or yearly. Because in such cases the cornea is changing its shape. In Lasik, the cornea is given shape so that it focuses light rays on the retina properly. The results of Lasik are quick. So, you can experience improvement in your vision within 48 hours. There are some side effects of Lasik surgery. But these side effects are temporary.

If you are planning for Lasik surgery, you must look for a highly qualified eye surgeon for the procedure. We have been the top ophthalmologist for years. Our patients have experienced 25/25 vision or better. We have handled many rare cases and they are enjoying better vision without glasses. The eye surgeons who perform Lasik eye surgery are known as Lasik surgeons. So, you can visit our clinic for Lasik eye surgery for assured results. There are plenty of things that you should look for in a Lasik eye surgeon. Here are some factors you should consider while deciding on your Lasik surgeon:

  • Look for an eye surgeon ( who is broadly certified in ophthalmology. And who has a specialization in Lasik surgery?
  • The surgeon has experience treating patients with a specific type of vision.
  • The one who accepts your vision insurance or has a payment plan.
  • A doctor that looks if you are a good candidate for Lasik or not for assured results.
  • The doctor who can answer all your queries.

You can follow the following steps while deciding on your eye surgeon:

  1. Ask around and look for ratings: Firstly, make a list of all the potential Lasik eye surgeons. Then ask your friends, family, or relatives about reviews of these doctors. If you are starting without referrals then visit every clinic’s site and look for ratings and reviews. The patients provide ratings and reviews about the doctor’s medical practice. Look carefully at the rating and reviews then choose accordingly. Our patients have experienced clear and better vision after the surgery. So, you can rely on us for Lasik surgery in Delhi.
  2. Research about their credentials and experience: Take proper time to research about the doctor’s credentials and experience. Also, make sure that you look that the doctor is board certified in ophthalmology. And that the doctor performs Lasik surgery on a regular basis. The more experience a surgeon has, the more the doctor can handle any complications. An experienced doctor can handle and anticipate any situation. With more than 5 years of experience, we are able to handle all sorts of vision conditions. Also, confirm that the doctor has no history of malpractice claims.
  3. Interview the doctor: When you narrow down to 3-4 Lasik surgeons. You can visit their clinic for face-to-face interaction. You can consult them for Lasik surgery and clear your doubts. So, you will be able to decide your doctor better. See if the doctor is able to answer all your queries or not. I examine the patients properly and help them out with their queries. Here are some questions that you can ask your doctor when you visit to see them.
  • Have you typically treated patients like me?
  • How many Lasik surgeries have performed till now?
  • What are the general outcomes of Lasik surgery for your patients?
  • How often do you come across complications from the procedure?
  • How do you avoid or correct the complications if they occur?
  1. Determine your insurance benefit: Most of the medical plans do not cover Lasik surgery. But if you have vision insurance the clinics likely offer a discount on Lasik surgery. So, if you won’t benefit from your insurance and pay least for your procedure. Then look for the doctor who agrees to participate in your vision plan. But if the doctor does not participate in your insurance plan then it does not mean he or she is not a qualified doctor. You must consider the doctor’s expertise and experience in the field.