How can you support Palestine today regarding Israel’s oppression?

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When it comes to the Israel Palestine conflict the escalation this time around is over the moon as Israeli bombardment of the Gaza and West bank continues and Palestinians are in a state of complete paranoia as rockets continue to hit them right and left and they are being cast from their own homes and land. There are ways through which you can help Palestinians fight this oppression and get back their land from the hurtful clutches of Israel, so without further ado let’s get right into it;

1. Learn about what is going on

The first thing that you need to do is to learn about what is happening and how the situation has escalated to reach its present form. You can take the help of social media, online articles, and sites that are constantly sharing videos and knowledge about the cruelty of Israel against Palestinians.

Educate yourself properly and keep yourself up to date as well concerning the latest developments as this way not only you will be able to fully understand what is taking place but actually do something about it by sharing it back through your own social media platforms and such. Don’t be silent speak for the Palestinians against the cruel Israeli oppression.

2. Donate money if you can

The next step is to be vocal in terms of the economic aid for the Palestinians if you can do something about it. There are NGOs and organizations which will be more than willing to accept your donation and make sure that it reaches directly to the Palestinians and help them in several cases.

First of all, there is a shortage of food so the money sent towards Palestine will be able to buy those groceries and food and secondly, the COVID-19 situation in Palestine is also escalating and people need vaccines and medical attention so the money that you send them will also help them in this very cause. Last but not least your financial help will be able to put a roof over many children as they have lost their homes and apartments they used to live in.

3. Speak up on social media

One of the biggest help that you can do is to speak up regarding this oppression of Israel on Palestinians. You can become an advocate using your own social media channels and platforms or you can do it using other networks of channels and pages on social media that are already working in the support of Palestine.

Share your thoughts and continually post the latest stuff about the developments that are taking place in oppressed Palestine. But the most important thing in his regard to continually educate yourself and then advocate others on social media, most people are confused with what is happening and want someone to explain it to them so it can be you advocating others why Palestine should be free and this Israeli oppression should end once and for all.