How Can You Fix The Chrome Problem In Huawei?

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Huawei Chrome not working? Do not worry. There are three simple steps to restoring functionality where your browser is failing. Before fixing the issues, you should know about the causes. This information will help you fix the problem and make sure that nothing like it ever happens again. So, let’s start!

Why Chrome Does Not Work On Huawei Mobile?

Below you can see the reasons:

  • Broken WiFi 

Sometimes the WiFi is broken or weak, so Chrome is not able to detect it properly.

  • Internet Connection Issues 

The connection of the internet can also affect your browser’s performance, as internet connection speeds can differ from each city and country you travel to and connect to the web with your device.

  • Software Problems 

The software of the Huawei Chrome may have bugs or issues that you have to fix manually by calling your support service provider.

  • Cache Issues

Some webpages are cached in Chrome, so when you close and open the app again, it won’t display the changes you have made on your device’s cache.

  • Strict Network Settings 

Some countries or regions allow users to only connect using specific network services that may not cater to Google Chrome’s need for a connection that is suitable for downloading and using apps from the Play Store & Google Play Services like Gmail, YouTube and so on.

  • Device Requirements 

Some devices hardware tax also affects and may prevent Chrome from running smoothly on the device.

  • Browser Settings 

Your browser settings and extensions settings affect your browsing experience, so if your browser settings are not set properly or blocked by the software of your mobile phone, the browser may not work properly or may crash that makes you think Chrome is not working.

  • Incorrect Permissions 

Some apps do not give adequate permissions to Chrome to function properly. These are usually apps that are installed on the device by the manufacturer or carrier and may change your browser’s settings without informing you.

  • Hardware Issues 

Some devices have hardware issues or bugs that will prevent Chrome from running smoothly.

How Can You Fix The Chrome Problem In Huawei?

Here is the solution:

  • Fix Network Settings 

Simply set your device’s network settings to use Public or Private WiFi Networks instead of Cellular Data networks, since Chrome has a lot of features that will require a connection.

  • Fix WiFi

Try resetting your phone by pressing and holding the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time for 10 seconds until the menu screen appears, then select Restart and wait for 30 seconds or so until your device restarts. Now try to turn on WiFi again in Chrome’s settings menu. 

If it doesn’t work, there may be something wrong with your device’s hardware that you need to call your support service provider about fixing it for you manually after troubleshooting with them.

  • Set Your Browser

Browser settings are set in Chrome’s settings menu that you can access by going to the app’s Home screen and access it by tapping on the Menu icon in the upper right corner. Tap on Settings, then Change Browser Settings to access it.

  • Check Permissions

If a certain app is not sharing the adequate permissions for Chrome to function properly, then uninstalling and reinstalling that app may resolve this issue, or if not, you will have to change your device’s system permission settings manually by calling your support service provider and asking them to fix this for you.

  • Fix Software Issues

If you notice any errors or display issues after installing the latest version of Chrome on your device, simply turn off and then on your device’s power, then turn it back on again, this will always fix any errors or display issues.

  • Check Browser and fix it

If your browser crashes or fails to respond to your actions, there may be a bug in the app that you can try and fix first off by turning off and then back on your device’s power, then turn it back on again. Doing this solves most issues with an app’s crashing and performance.

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