How Can I Win a Casino Tournament?

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Online casino tournaments and competitions are all the rage today. From the most popular brands to the smallest, you can typically find casino tournaments everywhere. Some have prizes worth millions of dollars, such as Pragmatic Play’s Drops & Wins tournaments. These encompass players from hundreds of casinos, with everyone competing against one another. Others are more petite, with in-house prizes available for just a select few players at a single site. How can you win playing in casino tournaments, though? We’re here to help you out, whatever tournament you happen to join.

Players Who Wager the Most

Most top online casinos, sites such as, will have casino tournaments that are based on one or two mechanics. One of these is awarding prizes to the players who bet the most. Here, members are structured in a table compared against one another by how much they’ve wagered. At the tournament’s completion, the players who have wagered the most during the promo period will win the largest share of the prizes.

Players That Win the Most

The second most common way to end up a winner in a casino tournament is by winning the most. Standard rules will apply here. Much like the “player who bets the most tournament”, players who wager the most will feature at the top of a leaderboard, while those who have wagered the least will foot the table. As before, it is the slot players at the top who will win the greatest share of the spoils a casino has to offer.

Players That Win in Relation to Their Bet

Some casinos do things a little differently. They might decide to reward players based on how much they win in relation to their bet. For instance, a player who has bet $1 but won $100 will score more highly than a player who has bet $100 and won $100. These tables are often determined by points, with points awarded based on the amount won relative to any bets made.

Randomly Awarded Prizes

Many casinos like to claim that they have tournaments where winners are chosen at random. For instance, if you wager X on Slot Y, you get yourself entered into a tournament where you could win Z. However, these aren’t proper, true casino tournaments. What these promotions can be classified as are prize draws. We don’t rate these highly because literally anybody could win irrespective of how much they have played, wagered, or won.

Check Game Eligibility and Other Terms

Finally, it is worth stressing that you should always check the eligibility terms for tournaments, especially when related to games. If the tournament accepts bets on games that you regularly play, you’ve nothing to lose. However, if it wants you to bet on far-flung games you’ve never heard of, this could be a problem. Finally, check to ensure that any winnings you receive are free from wagering requirements and are paid out in real money, not casino bonus cash.