How can I compete in the class 10 IMO exam?

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International Mathematics Olympiad also called IMO is a mathematics Olympiad held by the Science Olympiad Foundation for students to create a basis for mathematics for themselves for their higher education. IMO enables the students in enhancing their solving proficiency and logical thinking by assessing them with the help of questions based on high-order Analyze-exam-based thinking. This readies them for prospective competitive examinations.

Syllabus for Class 10 IMO exam

Analyze exam-based questions.

The Mathematics is conducted at national as well as international levels for the Math devotees. The syllabus for the IMO exam is equal to what is specified by all boards of the country. Learners who attempt IMO, cultivate good calculative skills. It creates an incredible experience for the students to handle numbers, patterns, measurements, time, calendar, proportion, algebra, geometry, trigonometry shapes, money, fraction, data handling, decimals, and other mathematical concepts. It improves the student’s fundamental knowledge of numbers that are taught. The syllabus of the International Maths Olympiad (IMO) can majorly increase knowledge and precision in mathematics.

Maths Syllabus Class 10

The syllabus of class 10 for the IMO exam includes the following:

  1. Real Number
  2. Arithmetic Progression
  3. Polynomials
  4. Quadratic Equations
  5. Probability & Permutation Combination
  6. Coordinate Geometry
  7. Triangles
  8. Circle and Its Area
  9. Quadrilateral and Its Area
  10. Mensuration
  11. Trigonometry
  12. Data Handling
  13. Logical Reasoning
  • Section 1 – Verbal as well as Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  • Section 2 – Real Numbers, Polynomials, Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic Progressions, Introduction to Trigonometry, Some Applications of Trigonometry, Areas Related to Circles, Statistics, Probability, Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables, Triangles, Coordinate Geometry, Circles, Constructions, Surface Areas and Volumes.
  • Section 3 – The Syllabus of section 3 is based on the syllabus of Mathematical Reasoning as well as  Quantitative Aptitude.
  • Section 4 – Questions of Higher Order Thinking  ( Syllabus according to Section 2.)

Olympiad preparation tips

Once the students have comprehended the Olympiad syllabus, students would wonder how to prepare for these with the normal school examinations. Registration for IMO can be performed through the schools. To perform well in the IMO, the student needs to have a solid practice and preparation plan. The following tips will help a student to prepare one for the IMO and to score a commendable position:

Have know-how of the syllabus

Every student must be informed of the syllabus of the IMO. It would be unwise to dive straight into studying and preparation for the IMO before getting an adequate understanding of the IMO topics and content the examination will be based on.

Solve IMO Papers

The Class 10 Olympiad Papers With Answers reveal the students to a variation of questions across many levels that makes one affluent with the subject as well as its concepts.

The benefits of solving IMO papers is that it provides the understanding of the question paper, the Paper provides an idea of the sections based on the main exam, IMO papers provides the fundamental impression of the variety of questions asked in each section, learners get an indication on what to anticipate from the main question paper and its difficulty level.

IMO class 10 comprises 50 questions of 60 marks divided into 4 following different sections:

  • Logical Reasoning 

This category judges the analytical and mental capacity among learners and quizzes their logical and general academic skills through Verbal as well as Non-Verbal Reasoning.

  • Mathematical Reasoning 

This segment tests the knowledge of mathematical topics and calculative strengths of the scholars. The questions of this segment can be calculative as well as time-consuming.

  • Everyday Mathematics 

The section questions the candidate’s reasoning ability with questions of everyday situations with general management.

  • Achievers section 

This segment tests the learners with questions from a variety of different concepts. This category makes a distinction in the rankings, as it comprises 5 questions of weightage and an increased level that expects higher-order thinking skills.

Start as soon as possible 

The difficulty level of the Olympiad exam is higher than the school studies, however, the course is the same. It is suggested that the student should not wait for the Olympiads to be announced. Students attempting IMO should start the preparation in advance. The learners who achieve international ranks begin their practice instantly after stepping into the next standard.

Make concepts clear

The questions in Olympiads are complicated. Hence, learners are required to have a comprehensive understanding of each theory and topic specified in the Olympiad syllabus. Occasionally a single question requires the knowledge of 2-3 concepts to obtain the right answer.

After browsing a chapter, do sufficient training of MCQs of that chapter to assure understanding of the topic well.

The questions present in the books give you a nice idea of the principle of questions to be asked in the examinations.

Balance studies

The next and the last tip is to put together a timetable and follow it. Analyse the Olympiad plan of various subjects and make an agenda according to the time remaining. Students should make a proportional plan, with an adequate blend of school studies, Commit an hour on an everyday basis for the Olympiads study, revision or procedure.

Comprehend the Pattern of Olympiads 

Even after good knowledge of notions students may get tangled while summing the answer. Usually, school scholars are not in the method of trying MCQs. SOF Olympiads are pen and paper or computer-based tests. In an hour, learners have to undertake 35-50 MCQs based on their lessons. Each problem holds 1, 2, or 3 marks based on the section. Scholars can analyze the latest structure of the Olympiad for each subject and grade. While noting answers scholars have to be careful as even a tiny error can undo their entire year’s effort. Hence, students have to give themselves a comprehensive practice of undertaking question papers in an exam based environment.


The International Mathematics Olympiad is held by the Science Olympiad Foundation IMO enables the students in enhancing their solving proficiency as well as logical thinking by assessing them with the help of questions based on high order thinking. This article included syllabus and preparation tips.